Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Third Week

  Hey so this week was good. That's crazy to hear about all the mud slides (in Alpine)! and, yes, there is flooding in the Philippines, but in Baguio just rain-- no floods. So not a lot happened this week.. I suck at the language! I like don't know anything and I don't have any help because my companion doesn't know how to help me with it because he doesn't know how it works. So I will say something and it's wrong, than he tells me it's wrong but not how it's wrong. But the investigators and stuff love when I try. It's a fun thing for them to watch apparently.  Besides that me and my companion are like the best of friends now. He's way funny and he's an amazing teacher in doctrine he's just a horrible trainer.
   As for work-- it's good. we didn't have too much success this past week but we have two people with baptizmal dates so hopefully in October I will have a few baptisms.  Our golden family, the Menensala family, love us and are way stoked when we come over and teach and their kids love me cause I'm white. We teach them a lot and stuff it's just they are Catholic (everyone here says they are catholic or iglesiya but no one goes to church) but they would become converted in a heartbeat if they weren't afraid of their dad saying no. We always try to teach him but he is a way big for lack of inapropriate words dum dum head and is pretty rude to me and you can just tell the family is way scared of him. But, if we teach the dad, we have 5 baptizms guarenteed.
   And our appartment is wet.... I cant tape pictures up because the walls are wet... you can't wear socks becuase the floors wet.... my companions bed (top bunk) is soaking. It's way funny. My suit is literally covered in mold it's way nasty. A bunch of other stuff gets moldy if you don't use it everyday.
   Yesterday there was a frog in our apartment.  We were just chillen and we saw a frog just sitting there by our bathrooom and we freaked out and ended up catching it in a box. Everyday you walk into the shower and there's like a massive cockroach... it's nasty! I've seen some way big spiders too haha..
   My companion eats like crazy nasty food that even filippenos think are gross so he always buys the weirdest stuff. The other day I had chicken intestines on the street. Those were way weird-- and dog tail or something-- my companmion wouldn't tell me what it was. Then today I had pig snout... that was weird...
   But ya I'm holding up... it is still sucky but it gets better, just frustrating is all. But I'm doing fine... how are you guys?? love you.

-Elder Jones

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