Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello Family. 

So the first thing you all should know is Manny Pacquio won his boxing match so the whole country is super happy right now…

Mon- So ya we went and played basketball with a lots of investigators which was sweet, all four of us elders here in Tagudin ball haha so every morning we play and every Monday we hit up a different court and just smash every one here which is fun. 

Tue- We had zone training than went to our member’s referrals and taught them, that was good, they are receptive. Fema and Margery or something but it was all-good. 

Wed- This day was my 17th month mark #wooooooooooootwooooot but ya we taught Manuel Atonement and tied it in with baptism and he is getting close to his baptismal date so we are just helping him prepare. 
   Than we got another referral from the branch presidents wife and her name is Leony Dallieta. She's just like a typical mom but we taught her the first lesson and the spirit was so strong, she picked up on everything so fast than like right before we taught apostasy she's like "But why are there so many churches if Jesus Christ only established one??? So which church is true??" and we were like WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW hold the phone....... you're golden?????? ya but she's like definition of Golden investigator haha.. We extended her an invitation to be baptized first lesson and she said yes so it was cool.

Thu- Went to Pudoc West, first to brother June, the one who has a baptismal date for Jan 3rd but... can't walk,.. So ya we are still trying to work that out, he's all good though. Then ya taught some good lessons.

Fri- This day was good-- taught a lot of lessons. 

Sat- Taught Manuel again and than went to Ambalayat, the place in our area that's suuuper far. It was sick though. Then we walked back and taught Leony again. She was super good still.

Sun- Church, we had 5 investigators come (Fema, Margery, Manuel, Leony, Mercy) which is like a Tagudin record-- i'm pretty sure... But ya the Branch was like exploding, lots of less-actives came back as well. So it was a good week.
   For work out Branch president worked with us as well as 3 of the single adults, so we like bombarded each house we went to haha..
but like i said, Manny Pacquio boxed this day so everyone was like scram off Mormons…
can't you see Manny Pacquio is boxing? I'm just glad he won.
But ya this week was sweeto. Love ya

-Elder mac daddy jones 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hey yo so this is what went down this week.

Monday- Ya... Pday.. basketball

Tue- Today was good, We had District meeting and I gave a workshop on dispensations and apostasy.... Then we worked.

Wed- Went to San Fernando for a district leader meeting thing... LOTS of changes in the mission. But ya it was sweet.

Thu- Today was good, went to Pudoc West and first taught brother June the guy who can't walk, we taught about the BOM and joseph smith, he read the BOM and said he knows it's true and he committed to be baptized January 3rd.. The problem is he can't walk....... yaaaaa so we are working on that. 
   Than we went to the Leyte family and taught them the restoration and gave them a soft baptismal invitation and they said yes but we didn't set a date yet.
   Than we found a less-active we have been looking for forever named Napolean and when we found him he's like freeeeeaaaaak you guys found me...
   But I guess we are the first missionaries to visit him in like 900 years so it's sick.

Fri- Had a new missionary training for all the trainers and trainies.. It was sweeto

Sat- We taught some rich lady, than some member that is going to 7th day Adventist every other week than to our church every other week haha and she cut her tithing in half so we were like...... ya choose one?
   Then we taught Manuel our IBD for December 13 which was sick because he finally came to church!!!! sickkkkkkkkkkkkk but all of our other investigators that said they would didn't ):

Sun- We went to this dropped investigator that I found in the area book, the Lazo family and the reason they were dropped is because the husband HATES like everyone (especially Mormon missionaries) so we went and the mom was too pumped to see us and like way excited, so now the husband is paralyzed like legit... I know it sounds sad but.... it's like...a good thing haha. So he saw us and like freaked but he can't really move so he just swung his arms and slapped me haha.... but ya so we were teaching and the dad is laying down (because ya... he can't move) and he just has a sour attitude and hates god and stuff. But the mom and kid are like sooo receptive and the spirit was super strong, than mid lesson the father somehow manages to get his pillow and huck it at me haha luckily at fell short cause he was a good distance away but we were all laughing haha..... anyways.. yup

This week was good. Love you all

-Elder J o n e s

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So this week was transfer week, I got my new comp (my child) his names elder Deguzman from Naga city Philippines. He's sweet so far. 

Monday-ya today we had P-day, went to Candon to zone training than played basketball.

Tue- Just a normal day

Wed- Nothing much happened

Thur- Transfer Day was today so we woke up pretty early and me and the elder in my apartment are both training so we went to San Fernando and got our new companions. I'm happy I got a Pilipino because instead of teaching him Tagalog I can just teach him skills and what not which is sooo nice. 

Fri- Today was sick, we went to Pudoc West which is one of our progressing areas, we went to brother June the guy who got stabbed, and he's like progressing in every way except the fact he can't make it to church because he can't walk. Than we were looking for members and we went down some random dirt road and found some super sick, receptive family (Leyte Family) and taught them and they want us to keep coming back which is cool.

Sat- Went to Ambalayat (our farthest area) and it was all good, we taught this old lady named Elena Andaya and she accepted the invitation to be baptized first visit which was sick. 
   Than we had to walk home because there's no tri-cycles late at night so we walked like 1 and a half hours back home.. (we need bikes here)

Sun- Church was good, missionaries pretty much do everything, than we got a referral and contacted him after church with that member, she is an RM and her referral was the person she works with so it was all sick. 
   Than Saturday night while we were walking home we saw one of our kind of less active kind of active members smoking but he didn't know we saw him so we surprised him because it was dark and he threw his cigarette on the ground but he had like 4 more in his hand so I shook his hand and grabbed the cigarettes haha and I was like "duuuuuude what is this??" (he's an old guy) and he's like uhhhhh it's for my friends and stuff just lying straight to us. 
   He came to church and looked super sad, so we went to his house after church and taught word of wisdom haha.... 

But ya this weeks been good. My comp is sick, fresh from the MTC he's so energetic and just wants to talk to everyone and baptize everyone haha it's sick. Well love you…

-Elder Jones

Monday, November 3, 2014

So this week was sweet like that Tim Mcgraw song says "Just another day in Paradise." na I’m jest jokin’ but on the real the work is getting Sawwweeet.

Mon- P-Day........ ya played lots of b ball.

Tue- Today we had district meeting and I gave a workshop on teaching the doctrine of L1 P3 which is Prophets. Than we went out to work and taught Joe Aguilar the Jehova’s Witness that's stubborn as a mule.. we (tried) to teach him plan of salvation but Jehovas have a crazy belief on that topic of religion so he was like "no your wrong, this is where we go after we die" so I asked him to show us proof in the bible but he said he forgot where it was so we did work again on him. I guess he's like a pretty hi-up Jehovah as well, like a bishop or something. But even if we prove him wrong (nicely) he's too stubborn to accept anything else..
   Then we taught Manuel who has a Baptismal Date for Dec 13. His wife wants to get baptized as well so we were like siiiiiiiick. Than after the lesson he introduced me to his 90 million year old (92) grandma and (this story is too good) she started crying right when she saw me, and we were like Lola "grandma" why are you crying than she said in Illocano (didn't understand a thing) that I looked like her American friends son haha and like during the war or something back in the day the American friend helped her a lot. So I gave her a pat on the back (we can't give hugs) but it was like (no homo) the cutest thing ever? haha.

Wed- We got destroyed this day.

Thur- Went to Pudoc West, a progressing area in our area, and this one guy set a return apt with us for this day at like 4 so we went and his mom was like ahhhhhhhhhhh sup ya he gone right now son so we were like ahhhhh dang... k. Than we taught the mom and daughter, turns out the fams having a lot of problems so it was sweet. 
   Then we taught the Marifel family, the referral from sisters in our branch.  I invited them to be baptized a few lessons back and they didn't accept, but now they said, “god answered their prayer.” So that was sick.

Fri- nothin really went down to sweet

Sat- (Another cool story) so when I was assigned in Sta Maria we had to withdraw on P-day in the closest city (Candon) so I met this lady and of course she asked who I am and why I know Tagalog and what not and she seemed super sweet. Then I got transferred to Tagudin and I remembered she said she was from Tagudin so ya like a few weeks ago we were walking home at night and she's like "Elder Jones!" and called us over and we talked to her and set a return appointment. 
   So today we finally went back to her and her fam and they were suuuper receptive. So ya that's the story. 

Sun- Had a church broadcast in Candon. Elder Oaks spoke but it came from Manilla to the whole Philippines.

This week was good. President called me today and asked me if I could train a new missionary again so yep, I'm training again haha it should be sweet. Transfer Day is this Thursday.

Love you all -Elder Jones