Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So this week was transfer week, I got my new comp (my child) his names elder Deguzman from Naga city Philippines. He's sweet so far. 

Monday-ya today we had P-day, went to Candon to zone training than played basketball.

Tue- Just a normal day

Wed- Nothing much happened

Thur- Transfer Day was today so we woke up pretty early and me and the elder in my apartment are both training so we went to San Fernando and got our new companions. I'm happy I got a Pilipino because instead of teaching him Tagalog I can just teach him skills and what not which is sooo nice. 

Fri- Today was sick, we went to Pudoc West which is one of our progressing areas, we went to brother June the guy who got stabbed, and he's like progressing in every way except the fact he can't make it to church because he can't walk. Than we were looking for members and we went down some random dirt road and found some super sick, receptive family (Leyte Family) and taught them and they want us to keep coming back which is cool.

Sat- Went to Ambalayat (our farthest area) and it was all good, we taught this old lady named Elena Andaya and she accepted the invitation to be baptized first visit which was sick. 
   Than we had to walk home because there's no tri-cycles late at night so we walked like 1 and a half hours back home.. (we need bikes here)

Sun- Church was good, missionaries pretty much do everything, than we got a referral and contacted him after church with that member, she is an RM and her referral was the person she works with so it was all sick. 
   Than Saturday night while we were walking home we saw one of our kind of less active kind of active members smoking but he didn't know we saw him so we surprised him because it was dark and he threw his cigarette on the ground but he had like 4 more in his hand so I shook his hand and grabbed the cigarettes haha and I was like "duuuuuude what is this??" (he's an old guy) and he's like uhhhhh it's for my friends and stuff just lying straight to us. 
   He came to church and looked super sad, so we went to his house after church and taught word of wisdom haha.... 

But ya this weeks been good. My comp is sick, fresh from the MTC he's so energetic and just wants to talk to everyone and baptize everyone haha it's sick. Well love you…

-Elder Jones

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