Monday, November 3, 2014

So this week was sweet like that Tim Mcgraw song says "Just another day in Paradise." na I’m jest jokin’ but on the real the work is getting Sawwweeet.

Mon- P-Day........ ya played lots of b ball.

Tue- Today we had district meeting and I gave a workshop on teaching the doctrine of L1 P3 which is Prophets. Than we went out to work and taught Joe Aguilar the Jehova’s Witness that's stubborn as a mule.. we (tried) to teach him plan of salvation but Jehovas have a crazy belief on that topic of religion so he was like "no your wrong, this is where we go after we die" so I asked him to show us proof in the bible but he said he forgot where it was so we did work again on him. I guess he's like a pretty hi-up Jehovah as well, like a bishop or something. But even if we prove him wrong (nicely) he's too stubborn to accept anything else..
   Then we taught Manuel who has a Baptismal Date for Dec 13. His wife wants to get baptized as well so we were like siiiiiiiick. Than after the lesson he introduced me to his 90 million year old (92) grandma and (this story is too good) she started crying right when she saw me, and we were like Lola "grandma" why are you crying than she said in Illocano (didn't understand a thing) that I looked like her American friends son haha and like during the war or something back in the day the American friend helped her a lot. So I gave her a pat on the back (we can't give hugs) but it was like (no homo) the cutest thing ever? haha.

Wed- We got destroyed this day.

Thur- Went to Pudoc West, a progressing area in our area, and this one guy set a return apt with us for this day at like 4 so we went and his mom was like ahhhhhhhhhhh sup ya he gone right now son so we were like ahhhhh dang... k. Than we taught the mom and daughter, turns out the fams having a lot of problems so it was sweet. 
   Then we taught the Marifel family, the referral from sisters in our branch.  I invited them to be baptized a few lessons back and they didn't accept, but now they said, “god answered their prayer.” So that was sick.

Fri- nothin really went down to sweet

Sat- (Another cool story) so when I was assigned in Sta Maria we had to withdraw on P-day in the closest city (Candon) so I met this lady and of course she asked who I am and why I know Tagalog and what not and she seemed super sweet. Then I got transferred to Tagudin and I remembered she said she was from Tagudin so ya like a few weeks ago we were walking home at night and she's like "Elder Jones!" and called us over and we talked to her and set a return appointment. 
   So today we finally went back to her and her fam and they were suuuper receptive. So ya that's the story. 

Sun- Had a church broadcast in Candon. Elder Oaks spoke but it came from Manilla to the whole Philippines.

This week was good. President called me today and asked me if I could train a new missionary again so yep, I'm training again haha it should be sweet. Transfer Day is this Thursday.

Love you all -Elder Jones 

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