Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hey yo so this is what went down this week.

Monday- Ya... Pday.. basketball

Tue- Today was good, We had District meeting and I gave a workshop on dispensations and apostasy.... Then we worked.

Wed- Went to San Fernando for a district leader meeting thing... LOTS of changes in the mission. But ya it was sweet.

Thu- Today was good, went to Pudoc West and first taught brother June the guy who can't walk, we taught about the BOM and joseph smith, he read the BOM and said he knows it's true and he committed to be baptized January 3rd.. The problem is he can't walk....... yaaaaa so we are working on that. 
   Than we went to the Leyte family and taught them the restoration and gave them a soft baptismal invitation and they said yes but we didn't set a date yet.
   Than we found a less-active we have been looking for forever named Napolean and when we found him he's like freeeeeaaaaak you guys found me...
   But I guess we are the first missionaries to visit him in like 900 years so it's sick.

Fri- Had a new missionary training for all the trainers and trainies.. It was sweeto

Sat- We taught some rich lady, than some member that is going to 7th day Adventist every other week than to our church every other week haha and she cut her tithing in half so we were like...... ya choose one?
   Then we taught Manuel our IBD for December 13 which was sick because he finally came to church!!!! sickkkkkkkkkkkkk but all of our other investigators that said they would didn't ):

Sun- We went to this dropped investigator that I found in the area book, the Lazo family and the reason they were dropped is because the husband HATES like everyone (especially Mormon missionaries) so we went and the mom was too pumped to see us and like way excited, so now the husband is paralyzed like legit... I know it sounds sad but.... it's like...a good thing haha. So he saw us and like freaked but he can't really move so he just swung his arms and slapped me haha.... but ya so we were teaching and the dad is laying down (because ya... he can't move) and he just has a sour attitude and hates god and stuff. But the mom and kid are like sooo receptive and the spirit was super strong, than mid lesson the father somehow manages to get his pillow and huck it at me haha luckily at fell short cause he was a good distance away but we were all laughing haha..... anyways.. yup

This week was good. Love you all

-Elder J o n e s

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