Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So this is my last email sesh.. (WHHHHHAAAAAAAT) and it's gonna be quick.

   Today we had career workshop which is pretty much this lady talking to us missionaries going home for 4 hours about getting over the mish, and finding a job, than getting married haha.
   Yesterday Gina and CJ came to church than they were like "we want to be baptized may 30!" so that will be the saturday before I leave, hopefully all's good and they pass the interview, they are golden... GOLDEN I TELL YA!!
   The members are like throwin parties for me left and right so we got a dinner everynight haha which is awesome. We are gonna try to get 40 lessons next week. We will see.

Love you guys, cya in a few(: 

-Elder Jones
(original date: May 17)
So ya... I'll see you guys in like 2 weeks so I really.... i'm lazy to email you guys but i'll try my best.

   This week was good. We had a Zone activity monday and we went to some big jesus cross on the mountain in our area. We have been finding a lot lately cause I made a personal goal that my last working week here we will get 50 lessons which is..... a crap ton, more than i've ever gotten my entire mission. 
   We had a good day on wed, we tore it up but Gina and Cj our golden investigators had a problem, they are scared to get baptized because there whole family is iglecia ni cristo which is a big church here so ya this past sunday we ha 2 relief society ladies work with us and they explained there conversion story and it was a great lesson. It;s hard because Iglecia does like everything that we do and they think they also have preisthood but what got here is they don't believe our families can be together forever, so we explained that we will if we- yaddy yaddy yadda and ya she was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH cool. So we unfortunatly won't gat a baptism before I come home, we had a few on may 30 but we pushed them back becuase they weren't ready yet, but it's coo, right when i leave they should get a lot of baptisms. 
   On thursday Elder Bowen came from the 70 and he put baguio mission in his place wiith a mean rip into us and make us feel guilty sesh. All the missionaries went up to baguio and Elder Bowen just did work on us. Me and my batch going home also bore our last testimony which was really good, a strong last testimony. He told us for those missionaries going home we are at the top of our game right now don't slow done and I was pretty motivated... All in all it was a great zone conference, all the disobedient missionaries are like pooping there pants haha it was great.
   The past few days I have realized I don't wanna come home haha.... As much as i love you guys I love the mish and the people, but the day will come haha and it's commin quick..

Love you all

-Elder Jones

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yo so I just Skyped you guys.. but here's the hip hap this week;

   So ya this week was alright-- investigators are buckling with keeping commitments which is like... darn but whatever. We had some powerful lessons.
   We went to what we thought was a less active but when we got there he cussed us out and was like "I"M NOT INTERESTED!!" and we were like ya but.. you are a member?? Then turns out he was a member for the FLDS church or whatever. He was really rude and I wanted to backslap him really bad but hey, it's alright. We worked our less actives and a ton came back to church. We had to pick up the Boadilla family and they haven't been to church in a while but they came back-- it was awesome.. 

Ya that's pretty much it.. Love you guys

-Elder Jones

Monday, May 4, 2015

So Manny Pacquio lost.... me and my comp are both American.... It was not a good day yesterday... this is the list of Pilipino gods

1. Manny Pacquio
2. Bruno Mars
3. god himself 

So ya... the people love Pacquio here..
But other than that the week was good.

Mon- Played ball... worked, FHE

Tue- Went to Succoc and did work, taught some lady named Shirly. Then Joanna, then Ricardo Dallao, good day.

Wed- We went to Gina and CJ and extended them a baptismal invitation for May 30, they are like.. golden but just hesitant because of how fast that is and I'm like WOOOOW hold your horses it's just a goal, than ya, they excepted and also came to church. Taught some offended less actives

Thur- Contacted a referral (bro Salvador) and he leaves on the mountain, we had to hike to get there but he's a nice guys, him and his wife are seperated. We extended a baptismal invitation to him as well and he excepted and asks "can i be baptized this Sunday?" and we were like..... no, may 30 homey. And may 30 will be my last day here in Agoo because May 31 i will go visit people in my last areas, so that would be cool to go out with a bang haha. 

Fri- So Friday and Saturday Agoo had a festival party thing.... No one was home, they had a huge "boodle fight" so they lay down a bunch of food and everyone goes crazy and eats the food (like 4309826346 people were there) 

Sun- Ya.... Pacquio fight, if you think the super bowl is big..... come to the Philippines when Pacquio boxes haha. But we did get some work done. And we had 4 fellow shippers work with us preparing to go on missions.

Anyways, life's good, I saw a pic of Gavin and Jared and it weirded me out their home... But ya. Oh ya PPPPSSSSSSSSSS I get to Skype you guys on Mothers day (May 11 here, May 10 back there) so next Monday. 

I will Skype you like 9 or 10 o'clock here on May 11 here. Sound good?

love you

-Elder Jones