Tuesday, May 26, 2015

(original date: May 17)
So ya... I'll see you guys in like 2 weeks so I really.... i'm lazy to email you guys but i'll try my best.

   This week was good. We had a Zone activity monday and we went to some big jesus cross on the mountain in our area. We have been finding a lot lately cause I made a personal goal that my last working week here we will get 50 lessons which is..... a crap ton, more than i've ever gotten my entire mission. 
   We had a good day on wed, we tore it up but Gina and Cj our golden investigators had a problem, they are scared to get baptized because there whole family is iglecia ni cristo which is a big church here so ya this past sunday we ha 2 relief society ladies work with us and they explained there conversion story and it was a great lesson. It;s hard because Iglecia does like everything that we do and they think they also have preisthood but what got here is they don't believe our families can be together forever, so we explained that we will if we- yaddy yaddy yadda and ya she was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH cool. So we unfortunatly won't gat a baptism before I come home, we had a few on may 30 but we pushed them back becuase they weren't ready yet, but it's coo, right when i leave they should get a lot of baptisms. 
   On thursday Elder Bowen came from the 70 and he put baguio mission in his place wiith a mean rip into us and make us feel guilty sesh. All the missionaries went up to baguio and Elder Bowen just did work on us. Me and my batch going home also bore our last testimony which was really good, a strong last testimony. He told us for those missionaries going home we are at the top of our game right now don't slow done and I was pretty motivated... All in all it was a great zone conference, all the disobedient missionaries are like pooping there pants haha it was great.
   The past few days I have realized I don't wanna come home haha.... As much as i love you guys I love the mish and the people, but the day will come haha and it's commin quick..

Love you all

-Elder Jones

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