Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So this is my last email sesh.. (WHHHHHAAAAAAAT) and it's gonna be quick.

   Today we had career workshop which is pretty much this lady talking to us missionaries going home for 4 hours about getting over the mish, and finding a job, than getting married haha.
   Yesterday Gina and CJ came to church than they were like "we want to be baptized may 30!" so that will be the saturday before I leave, hopefully all's good and they pass the interview, they are golden... GOLDEN I TELL YA!!
   The members are like throwin parties for me left and right so we got a dinner everynight haha which is awesome. We are gonna try to get 40 lessons next week. We will see.

Love you guys, cya in a few(: 

-Elder Jones

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