Monday, January 26, 2015

This email's gonna be short probz. But this week was good.

Mon- same thing as always

Tue- Went on exchanges with my district, I went with Elder Golle in Sta Cruz. Was all good.

Wed- Did work in Pudoc and extended some baptismal invitations. I'm to go all out balls out (pardon my tagalog........) cause I’m probz getting transferred on Wednesday. (still can't spell Wednesday)
   We had interviews with President Balledos and it wasn't the normal interview because it was with a companionship and we sat down then he pulls out his i-Pad and goes "Alright, teach me the restoration in 3 minutes" so we did and he filmed us. He did that with everyone. It was... good… a lil nerve-racking.
   I told president (cause I know I’m probs transferring) to put me where ever he needs me. Then he asks, "Well Elder Jones, where do you wanna go???" So that made me think because I know wherever I said he would put me. He said this next 4 months will fly by and he can't believe how fast it's gone. But I told home the zones I haven't been to yet so he said okay I’ll send you there and have you train someone I want to become a leader in this mission. So hopefully my next comps cool beans..

Thur- worked

Fri- Taught and contacted our referrals. They are sweeto.

Sat- hit up Pudoc again

Sun- Church. I never told anyone I'm probably transferring but they all knew and it was actually pretty sad saying goodbye to the Tagudin Saints... But it's all right. 

Ya this week was good.. got a lot done even though the email's short. I’m trying to slay the area so whoever is my comps next comp will enjoy his time. 

Love ya'll elder jones

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So ya I left my baptismal pants in my last area.. philippinos are small so i had to SQUEEZE in this suit.
(side email from Mac...made us laugh!!)
So.... Today I hit 19 months (cool)

But ya this week was sick. Manuel and Nay Carmen Lazo got baptized. It was like..... One of the best moments of my mission haha but here's what went down:

Mon- Had P-Day then went and taught Brother Alan and Missy (by the way their son’s name is Bryson and he's a stud. Oh and by the way again I showed this guy our family picture and he's like “Your brother is way more gwapo than you”.. And I was like thanks????? Love you too??)
   Then we played B ball with some members and investigators.

Tue- ....... ya just a normal day, wait we had exchanges. I went with our Zone Leader Elder Lamoglia and at the same time he interviewed our investigators for baptism.

Wed- Went to Pudoc West and it's way progressing there… 2 of our investigators came to church from Pudoc. Bro Nestor the drunk who will do anything to change. And sister Leyte. It's good cause Pudoc's like a 796786 miles away from the church.

Thur- Finalized things up with Sister Lazo and Manuel and taught a lot of other people.

Fri- Ya just normal day.

Sat- The baptism. It was in the river which was tooooo sick. I baptized Manuel and Elder De Guzman baptized Sister Lazo. As well as the other Elders had a baptism.
I have had a fair amount of baptisms but these ones were by far the best cause I was there from day one and saw every step of their conversion... It was way good. Manuel said like he was such a bad person before and had done everything in the books but because of the gospel he's changed a ton and stuff.
Sister Lazo is the bomb as well-- some old lady that has already such a strong testimony and thanks us every time we see here because we got her to quit smoking.

Sun- Church. They got confirmed and we just taught some less actives who missed church.

Ya the week was good... I'm probably getting transferred Jan 18 cause I’ve been here forevs,… but we'll see.

Love you

-Elder Jones

Monday, January 12, 2015

Here's the hipppps, week was cuuuulll

Mon- had P-Day than went to an FHE for bro Manuel at bro Remmels (member) house, it was all good except Bro. Remmel forgot about it haha.. But it turned out all right. Then after that we played 2 on 2 just in Bro Remmel’s front yard court and I ripped my pants HARD CORE. I will send a pic haha..

Tue- We had zone training than we went to Nay Carmen Lazo who we caught smoking again and she is supposed to get baptized the 17th (this sat) so I got pretty down to the nitty gritty and told her what's up and that she needs to stop. So we bought her some suckers cause she's an addict.

Wed- Went and taught Allan and Missy lazo (Sister Carmen’s son and daughter-in-law) and Allans like... “ya I NEED to quite drinking or my wife’s gonna leave me.” So we taught a lesson 1 overview and focused on family and told him he will change if he does what we tell him...

Thur- Went to Pudoc and taught all of the less actives that are like “yes elders.. we WILL go to church this Sunday.” Ya they've never come, but there are two returning less-actives we have re-activated that are like... the most active people in the branch haha.

Fri- Did work today and taught our booties off. Hit up Manuel and he's excited for his baptism just as long as they pass the interview. Then sister Lazo. And last Brother Allan and Missy-- we taught Word of Wisdom and he wants to change sooo bad he just can't say no to his buddies haha. So it's buddies, or family type deal.

Sat- Today was good, we had a service project in the morning at Sister Lazos house because her husbands paralyzed and poops and pees every where so we went crazy and cleaned the house. I mostly just chased her goats around but the relief society (no offense to them) actually did something productive.

Sun- Had church, 4 investigators came, Manuel, Nay Lazo, Allan came, when he pulled up in his tricycle I was sooo pumped.
Then we went to get the information from Sister Lazo for the baptism and she's like, "Elders you saved my life. You got me to quite cigarettes, I’m so thankful" and she like calls us angels and stuff. She's sooo ready to be baptized she just has to get interviewed tomorrow along with Manuel. Manuel told us it felt like such a good feeling when he prayed about the BOM and got goosebumps and what not so he's stoked.

So ya that's the week. 2 of our Investigators (Fema and Mergery) that were supposed to get baptized this Saturday buckled SOOOOOOO hard and ya it's a, long story but they aren't getting baptized any time soon.

But ya this next week we should have baptisms if they pass the interview… All's been sweet. Love it

-Yours truly ((::::::::::::::::::::;;;;

-Elder Jones

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hey so this is the hip hap-- week was great.

Mon- Played B ball with the whole zone which was sick.

Tue- Had district meeting and I gave it on commitments... Then went to work. Taught Manuel and he's all good. He admitted he drank a lil (daaaaaaaaaaang) but ya, he's still doing fine. Went to Nanay Lazo and she's super ready to be baptized. Then taught some other people and later that night went to Bro. Ocasion, the long time less active. We ripped into him and he said he's Catholic now so ya.. But he said he would start reading the BOM and attending church... Ya he never showed up on Sunday but it's all good.

Wed- DESTROYED the members with visits, we taught our IBD's as well, then had an early curfew cause everyone gets SMASHED on New years.

Thur- Ya just worked, early curfew again. I was sick as well but I refuse to stay home... Felt real dizzy and headache but I was all good.

Fri- Went jogging in the morning so I could sweat out the sick, then taught Manuel about Temples and he wants to go after he's baptized. Than went to our far area and chastised less actives with many excuses. 

Sat- Wrecked Pudoc West and like.. everyone we are teaching over there is progressing, super sick area just waaaaaay far from the church.

Sun- 5 investigators came to church, Manuel, Nay Lazo, Rosette family, and brother Nestor so that was sweet. Then we did work and had an FHE with some members.

Week was great. All’s going well now that the holidays are over everyone's coming back to Tagudin.. And oh ya for my b day package... Just load it with good candy (not chocolate) like starbursts, airheads, gummy worms and stuff like that.. Thanks you're the best. 

-Elder Jones