Monday, January 26, 2015

This email's gonna be short probz. But this week was good.

Mon- same thing as always

Tue- Went on exchanges with my district, I went with Elder Golle in Sta Cruz. Was all good.

Wed- Did work in Pudoc and extended some baptismal invitations. I'm to go all out balls out (pardon my tagalog........) cause I’m probz getting transferred on Wednesday. (still can't spell Wednesday)
   We had interviews with President Balledos and it wasn't the normal interview because it was with a companionship and we sat down then he pulls out his i-Pad and goes "Alright, teach me the restoration in 3 minutes" so we did and he filmed us. He did that with everyone. It was... good… a lil nerve-racking.
   I told president (cause I know I’m probs transferring) to put me where ever he needs me. Then he asks, "Well Elder Jones, where do you wanna go???" So that made me think because I know wherever I said he would put me. He said this next 4 months will fly by and he can't believe how fast it's gone. But I told home the zones I haven't been to yet so he said okay I’ll send you there and have you train someone I want to become a leader in this mission. So hopefully my next comps cool beans..

Thur- worked

Fri- Taught and contacted our referrals. They are sweeto.

Sat- hit up Pudoc again

Sun- Church. I never told anyone I'm probably transferring but they all knew and it was actually pretty sad saying goodbye to the Tagudin Saints... But it's all right. 

Ya this week was good.. got a lot done even though the email's short. I’m trying to slay the area so whoever is my comps next comp will enjoy his time. 

Love ya'll elder jones

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