Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hey so this is the hip hap-- week was great.

Mon- Played B ball with the whole zone which was sick.

Tue- Had district meeting and I gave it on commitments... Then went to work. Taught Manuel and he's all good. He admitted he drank a lil (daaaaaaaaaaang) but ya, he's still doing fine. Went to Nanay Lazo and she's super ready to be baptized. Then taught some other people and later that night went to Bro. Ocasion, the long time less active. We ripped into him and he said he's Catholic now so ya.. But he said he would start reading the BOM and attending church... Ya he never showed up on Sunday but it's all good.

Wed- DESTROYED the members with visits, we taught our IBD's as well, then had an early curfew cause everyone gets SMASHED on New years.

Thur- Ya just worked, early curfew again. I was sick as well but I refuse to stay home... Felt real dizzy and headache but I was all good.

Fri- Went jogging in the morning so I could sweat out the sick, then taught Manuel about Temples and he wants to go after he's baptized. Than went to our far area and chastised less actives with many excuses. 

Sat- Wrecked Pudoc West and like.. everyone we are teaching over there is progressing, super sick area just waaaaaay far from the church.

Sun- 5 investigators came to church, Manuel, Nay Lazo, Rosette family, and brother Nestor so that was sweet. Then we did work and had an FHE with some members.

Week was great. All’s going well now that the holidays are over everyone's coming back to Tagudin.. And oh ya for my b day package... Just load it with good candy (not chocolate) like starbursts, airheads, gummy worms and stuff like that.. Thanks you're the best. 

-Elder Jones

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