Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hey.... Sup

So ya skyped you guys this week... but this is what happened.

Mon- can't remember

Tue- Had district meeting which was good, then went to our Branch Christmas party haha which was... kinda lame but we made it fun. It was at the beach and we just played some games. Then taught Manuel and it was a great lesson- really felt the spirit- then the Badit family.

Wed- Christmas EVE, went to our less actives house who's always smoking but he fed us noodles. Then we shared a Christmas message with him haha. Then just went and worked.
   Taught Nanay Lazo which was sweet, she's really progressing. Then bro Tony. He told us to pick him up again for church (last week he said that too so we went and he wasn't there) so ya we went again this week, he wasn't there again... daaaang maaaaan.

Thur- CHRISTMAS!!!!!  Went and taught Manuel the 10 commandments which was sick, then just went to members houses and got stuffed with food... goodness. You can't so no here…

Fri- Recovered from Christmas hangover.... na JK LOLOLOLOL TEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH
   Skyped you guys. Went to Pudoc and taught nanay Leyte, she's like “imma come to your church this week”, guess what... she came! woo! Then we found a less active family who's way nice-- just shy to come back to church. Then this other gay named Nester Legazbi, who is a drinker, we had a return appointment with him and he really wants to change because his life ... sucks.

Sat- Taught Manuel Law of Chastity.. He had.... lots of experience there??? But said he'll live it (he also asked very weird questions). Then went to Ambalayat and did work on the Less- actives.

Sun- Church was good, 3 investigators came including Manuel and Nay Lazo. Me and my comp taught that class then I taught Elders Quorem.... Ya they ask me to do everything cause all the priesthood here are handiquaked but it's all good.
   Taught Nanay Lazo and she's like... when I’m in your church, I have the best feeling, I’m excited for my baptism!
   Then Bro Tony, we like chastised him for being a fag and not coming to church but he's cool.
   Funny story: we go to our investigators house (Reyes fam) and their grandpa just died and it was an open casket type deal so there like SHARE TO US WHERE GRANDPA IS NOW!!! So ya we taught a dead guy along with a billion people.... I just stood up and read from the Book of Mormon in Alma 40 and everyone was like… stunned but it was a way old school lesson... Like picture Joseph Smith just standing on like a milk crate and teaching all these… people that's kindof how it was...

But ya.. the week was good, Skyping/ talking to you guys always gives me a boost.. cause missionary work can repeat itself quite a bit... But it was great... after I got done skyping I turned to my comp and I was like “aight lets bounce” then he didn't say anything and he looked at me and he was just bawling...

But ya love you guys

-Elder Jones

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