Tuesday, December 9, 2014

So this is the hip-hap
Man this week was... rough-ish/ okay/ ya actually kinda sucked/ it's aight though

Mon- P-Day, So ya, than we got home and went to an FHE

Tue- Had district meeting and my workshop was on prayer. Then had exchanges with Elder Done from Arizona. I worked in his area to see what the problem was because yaaaaaaa they are... not working very hard-- so I told them to step it up a bit.

Wed- Came back, this day we devoted to finding… so we found a lot and opened up some areas we've never been too. There’s no members here, so it's fresh. But we got 6 lessons just by finding which was... super sick. 
   We found this guy named Allen Lazo and it's a cool story how we found his house, because he's our investigators son, and he has his own family now so he told us to hit him up sometime. So we were finding in Cabaroan and just knocking doors then we came upon his house without knowing at like 4 o’clock, and his wife came out and she's like suuuuuuuuuuuuuuup we've been waiting for you, but Allen’s not home, so come back like 6 (because he's a tri cycle driver so he works all day). So we went and taught another appointment then went back to him and they were super cool beans and said if they came to know it was true they would get baptized (like every Philippino says so it's actually not too special).

Thur- Went to Pudoc and taught the Less-Actives there who are returning which is sick. It just took a good ripping into and then showing our love to them. Now, they are almost active.... 1 of them (Napoleon) hasn't been to church in like 10 years but now he's come the past 2 weeks and wants to work with us haha... sick he's like 45.

Fri- honestly can't remember

Sat- Went to Ambalayat and taught the lady (Nanay Lariossa) who always cries when she see's us cause she thinks we are like............. Angels? Because where she lives is like... Phillipines to the max. like jungle and stuff. It’s suuuper far away and I’m like the first white person every to step foot there so everyone just like goes crazy haha. 

Sun- Yaaaaa so the week was good until Sunday... No investigators came to church. We have a solid 5 that have a baptismal date and WANT to be baptized then like a billion others who said they would come to church. Which I've been on the mission long enough to know that stuff like that happens but lets recap Elder Jones Golden Investigator progress sheet in his Stay here in Tagudin:
1. Marichu, wanted to get baptized, after the 3rd lesson she got cancer and is going to die soon.
2. Leony, told us this is what she needs in her life, accepted the date our first lesson. Turns out her Mr. (they aren't married) left her with her kids and no job (this all happened last week), so she's looking for a job and has no time for anything any more.
3. Manuel, was supposed to get baptized this Saturday but he and his wife got into an argument and she moved out and left him with the kids (this happened 2 weeks ago) He can't come to church because he has 5 kids all under the age of 13. We taught him this day and he's wondering why right before he's about to enter in the Mormon church he's had more trials in his life than ever before. I bore one of the strongest testimonies I’ve ever born my whole mission because I was pushed to my limit and I told him to suck it up and read and pray, The spirit was strong and he said he will... So that was cool. 
4. Lovelyn, was supposed to get baptized, moved to Manilla. 
5. Fema and Mergery got the okay from there parents to be baptized, but…no one, even their land owner, knows where they've been the past 3-ish days.

So ya I’m learning a lot. I am the best most skilled I’ve ever been my whole mission and things are just not going to hot. But it's all good. I’ve seen the fruits here. I just want a baptism… I thought we would have a lot but I’m being tested or something cause I’m definitely learning a lot with this experience.
   On the bright side, our Branch President got the approval from the Stake President to look for land to build a chapel, so no more meeting house because our attendance has been up to standard the past while. So that's sick. I feel good to be a part of that. Other than that ya mission’s great.

love you

-Elder Jones

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