Monday, December 15, 2014

So ya here's the hip hap.This week was good, lots of Christmas conferences and what not.

Mon- P-Day, played basketball

Tue- We went to Candon city for a zone training and we had to practice for a Christmas play thing we are doing as a zone at the Christmas conference. So ya we did that and me and Elder Curtis had a duet that we sang, “Once There was a Snowman” which was pretty fun.

Wed- Had the Christmas conference with President and what not. Tri-zone conference. It was good. We watched, “How to Train your Dragon” part two and… I'm not sure if it is the best movie ever created or I liked it so much just cause I haven't seen a movie in a year and a half!!.. haha.. But ya, cute movie, cute movie. We had like a gift exchange as well then did our play thing.

Thur- Went to Pudoc west and found some new investigator which was all good than we taught our Less- Actives who are now returning and our investigator with a baptismal date that can't walk... that's the only problem.

Fri- We got pretty wrecked today but we got to teach Carmen Lazo, the old lady who's husband is paralyzed, so ya we taught her which was sweet cause she came to church and excepted the invitation to be baptized. Then we taught Mergery who, if all goes well, will be baptized Jan 10. So we'll see how that goes. She's excited. 

Sat- Taught Manuel and it was like a perfect lesson cause we finally got a member with us to teach him. We retaught L1 (restoration) because it wasn't too clear to him and we've taught like everything else then he had a lot of questions for the member—Kasi--which was perfect. It's way better to have a member (when teaching), they can relate to the investigator. Missionaries can too but this is like.. our job... so Manuel asked our member lots of questions and it was perfect because our member (Elmer) was a convert as well so it really helped... He quit smoking and drinking and what not and wants to get baptized again buuuuut ya his wife like.. kinda left him recently so he has to watch the kids which makes it hard for him to go to church.

Sun- Today was good, we went to pick up one of our investigators but they were unexpectedly in the hospital so that was GAY but it's aight. Still kinda rough, we thought a lot more people would come and like half way through the second hour sister Carmen Lazon busts in the door (she's like the loudest old lady ever) and I got pumped. Then we went to a Christmas devotional. 

But ya this week was aight. Kinda slow around Christmas time cause everyone is bouncin around but it's aight. Thanks for the package by the way that was sweeto. Loved it. Except I’ve yet to see an oven in the Philippines so the muffin and Brownie mix was a struggle haha but we made it work in a toaster haha. 
   And I talked to the AP and if you guys still want to pick me up (which would be sweet now that I think about it) coordinate with the mission a.s.a.p. so they know. But if you aren't gonna pick me up just save that money for a car (: sweet thanks you're the best. 
   Ya and the sisters in like, my MTC batch our now on the way home.... So it's kinda weird to think if I was a sister I would be coming home from my mish now.... ya.. 

-Elder Jones
(from Elder Jones explaining why the muffin and brownie mixes I sent to him were so hilarious)

ya things i'm yet to see here.

1. an oven
2. dishwasher
3. laundry machine
4. fireplace
5. toilet paper... 

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