Friday, May 30, 2014

Hey Familyyyyyyyyy,

            So transfer day came around aaaaand BAM I got transferred, I am in Santa Maria  area and so far so good.. It's only been a few days and we had a baptism here last Saturday haha, so it was good. Before I left San Fernando Bro Melvine, our investigator, was getting baptized on the 31 and said he wants me to baptize him, so hopefully President will allow us to make the 4 hour trip this Saturday for his baptism haha. But ya all's good. I'm the new Narvacan Zone ZL and my comp is Elder Batal, he's way legit. He’s in my batch, which is cool, and once I figured out I was transferring to Narvacan zone the assistant said president was very excited about our companionship and stuff so it's cool, so far so good.
            Not too much happened besides transfer day, I said goodbye to all the investigators and stuff for like 2 days haha, but it's nice in my new zone. We went from having 31 missionaries in San Fernando to now we have 18 in Narvacan zone and Elder Fulivai is in my zone, which is awesome haha. We gave a training (me and Elder Batal) earlier to the zone and it was great. The zone is all good.
            Our area is way big. It’s a lot different from the city. We are just in a small town now but the ward is good. We got like 90 attendance and I had to give a talk my first Sunday haha, but from what I’ve seen most the members have gotten offended from our bishop. But like everywhere we go we meet less-actives. Anyways ya that's about it. Love you

-Elder Jones

Monday, May 19, 2014

            Hey Family Elder Jones commin at ya.

 We just came from Sevilla chapel and we gave a workshop to the zone on asking questions, it was a mean workshop that's all I gotta say. But ya so this week was good, it went by really fast. Wednesday we were on exchanges and I was working with Elder Santos, who's on his last transfer, and it was good. But we got a call at like 5 and these 2 elders got in a fight so we had to close the exchanges we were already on and go on this emergency exchange. It was good though they just needed to blow off some steam. 
            We had 5 investigators who attended church, which was the most in a while. The Lim family, Brother Melvine our IBD, brother Manuel, and Brother Edgar. We taught Edgar earlier in the week and he has sooo many crazy questions so it's hard to get a good lesson in and he's so good in the bible and I suck in the bible haha so he gets me there. But ya he said that he was watching Discovery channel or something and this show called like the Mormon extra terrestrial came on and he said they proved that when angel Moroni came to Joseph Smith he was an alien and not an angel haha. So we were like uhhhhhhhh ya nope. But I was dying. 
            Brother Julius, our 15 year less active, came to church for the 3rd time in a row, which was great. He’s scared to get out of his comfort zone and meet members though which is the problem, but you can see him changing every time we go. He loves us though and has a gift for me when I transfer. 
             Transfer day is this Friday but we won't find out whose transferring until Thursday; that way there is no drop in the work because when people know they are transferring they set up dinner appointments and stop working pretty much haha. But ya I have no idea if I’m transferring.. I hope I do haha. But we will see. Oh and I am 11 months today. Sick k

luhh ya. BYE