Tuesday, March 25, 2014


            So to start off my companions never been to Baguio City. So we are in Baguio today. We literally just got off a 3 hour bus ride and have jet lag so...... bare with me.
             Ya, so this week was good. We had our baptisms: Jhuff, Jericho, and Cathy. It was a cool experience. I got to baptize Brother Jhuff and he was pretty heavy. He’s tall for a Philippino because he's half Chinese or something, but it was cool. He had over- come word of wisdom problems and stuff, which was good to see. Then sister Cathy had overcome Law of Chastity stuff, so they were really happy to finally be baptized.
            Other than that, some sisters in our zone are dead set that they saw like a demon or something in their apartment and according to my companion weird stuff always happens in that apartment and what not. So ya, they claimed they saw a demon and we were like..... okay, than they wanted a blessing so we were like, “ya just ask someone in your ward” haha.
            Then the Gacayan family-- the one we did the 40 day fast for-- is stoked for their baptism. Well, the kids are. Gwenn, she's like 18, and Manuel he's like 14. The parents are weird. They are like active nonmembers. No one gets it. They go to church every week, read the BOM every day and all this and that, they just don't feel ready for baptism which is like... whatever, but they are so receptive and know like everything about the gospel. I guess according to past missionaries they have had the prompting that the church is true and admitted it but won't get baptized and stuff. But we are still working on the parents. We'll see what happens. 
             This investigator named Melvine wants to be baptized.... some less active lady read my palm and told me my future (it doesn't look pretty) but ya that's about it.

love you.

-Elder Jones

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dear Fammmm

            Ya so this week was good, but first things first… it is sooo hot... And it just hit like one day, but everyone said it would soo… Ya. I guess like March to July is real hot so ya this past week I got kinda sick. I might have been dehydrated but I don't know. But ya it's real hot.
             Anyways beside it being hot, It was a good week, Elder Ardern from the seventy came and we had a MLC again with all the zone leaders around the mission and he kinda chastised us and President Balledos and said we need do better, than we had a 5 zone conference with San Fernando, Candon, Narvacan, Bangued, and Bacnotan zones. He again chastised us but in a loving way. But ya it was good, he's way powerful and funny when we speaks.
   Other than that our IBD's (baptismal dates) passed their interviews. And I will give you a little profile:
1. Brother Jhuff uy
- Half Chinese
- Wife is a less active
- Way cool guy
- 30 ish
- Has been taught for a long time but never wanted to get baptized until now.
2. JL
- Jhuffs son
- 13
- likes basketball
3. Cathy
- 30 years old

Ya so that's it but these are the three that will get baptized next Saturday so we are stoked about that. That's about it. Ya. it's hot. I lost like 2 kilo's in the past 4 days which is like 4 pounds..... Oh ya we had our zone activity today, that was fun. We went to the beach had lunch and games, our zone is huge..... Anyways.

-Elder Jones

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hey family.

            So this week was good.  It’s flying faster than ever cause it's been pretty busy. To start off, Tuesday we had an MLC which is where all the zone leaders meet in San Fernando and the AP's and the President gives workshops and we eat a lot. It was two days so all the Zone Leaders slept over in the AP's apartment and it was...... nuts. 2 Tongans, 1 Australian, 4 Americans and the rest Philippines. Haha! But it was way fun. 
             Our week teaching wise was all right. it sucks kinda cause we are always doing zone stuff but we get like 25-ish lessons a week which is still good. March 22 we have 2 solid baptisms possibly 5. So we have been teaching our investigators with baptismal dates a ton. We have been working out some problems. 1 is Brother Jhuff uy, he has a word of wisdom problem so we chastised him a little and he's turned it around which is good and hasn’t smoked for a while. Him and his son should be baptized March 22. Then Cathy, she's like 30 and has a Chastity problem............... ya. So president is interviewing her. Then the Gacayan family-- they are like already members they gave up drinking. They know it's true. They feed us, they attend church, they attend institute, and they have like every church book ever (like book of Mormon guide, gospel principles and stuff) but they just don't feel ready for baptism yet! So their date is April 5 and we told them to do a 40 day fast like Jesus did, except he fasted with food and we told them for 40 days fast for whatever is prohibiting you from being baptized or whatever so ya. 
             That's about it. All else is good.

 Love ya. 

-Elder Jones 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hey family,
Ya, so this week has been a tidbit crazy. We had transfers which was nuts. Transfer day is always fun to figure out who is going where. So you're all probably wondering where I got transferred right? Ya so funny story, President just gave me a plane ticket and said pack your things......... So ya I’m on my way home right now, I’ll be home in like... 17 hours. Meet you at Salt Lake airport. 
             Naaaaaa. On the real though, I got transferred to San Fernando, so my comp is Elder Defacto from Iloilo City. He’s the man! He’s crazy good at teaching and I honestly have no idea why I’m a zone leader because I’ve like never taken anything serious!! But it's all-good. I’m learning a lot and there are 4 of us in our apartment and they are all Filipinos so it's cool. My Tagalong is progressing now (after the last to transfers it was at a stand still) haha. 
            But ya, it's been a lot of work so far.. there's lots of stuff to take in for the zone let alone a new area. Our area is money though. We had like magical stats. We had like 10 investigators attend sacrament meeting and we have like 9 baptismal dates, a few for March 22 and a few for April 5. I still have no idea what's going on but it's alright. 
   All in all everything’s been good.. Zone leader life is busy but..... fun? Na it's not really fun it's alright. Anyways love you all.