Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hey family.

            So this week was good.  It’s flying faster than ever cause it's been pretty busy. To start off, Tuesday we had an MLC which is where all the zone leaders meet in San Fernando and the AP's and the President gives workshops and we eat a lot. It was two days so all the Zone Leaders slept over in the AP's apartment and it was...... nuts. 2 Tongans, 1 Australian, 4 Americans and the rest Philippines. Haha! But it was way fun. 
             Our week teaching wise was all right. it sucks kinda cause we are always doing zone stuff but we get like 25-ish lessons a week which is still good. March 22 we have 2 solid baptisms possibly 5. So we have been teaching our investigators with baptismal dates a ton. We have been working out some problems. 1 is Brother Jhuff uy, he has a word of wisdom problem so we chastised him a little and he's turned it around which is good and hasn’t smoked for a while. Him and his son should be baptized March 22. Then Cathy, she's like 30 and has a Chastity problem............... ya. So president is interviewing her. Then the Gacayan family-- they are like already members they gave up drinking. They know it's true. They feed us, they attend church, they attend institute, and they have like every church book ever (like book of Mormon guide, gospel principles and stuff) but they just don't feel ready for baptism yet! So their date is April 5 and we told them to do a 40 day fast like Jesus did, except he fasted with food and we told them for 40 days fast for whatever is prohibiting you from being baptized or whatever so ya. 
             That's about it. All else is good.

 Love ya. 

-Elder Jones 

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