Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hey family,
Ya, so this week has been a tidbit crazy. We had transfers which was nuts. Transfer day is always fun to figure out who is going where. So you're all probably wondering where I got transferred right? Ya so funny story, President just gave me a plane ticket and said pack your things......... So ya I’m on my way home right now, I’ll be home in like... 17 hours. Meet you at Salt Lake airport. 
             Naaaaaa. On the real though, I got transferred to San Fernando, so my comp is Elder Defacto from Iloilo City. He’s the man! He’s crazy good at teaching and I honestly have no idea why I’m a zone leader because I’ve like never taken anything serious!! But it's all-good. I’m learning a lot and there are 4 of us in our apartment and they are all Filipinos so it's cool. My Tagalong is progressing now (after the last to transfers it was at a stand still) haha. 
            But ya, it's been a lot of work so far.. there's lots of stuff to take in for the zone let alone a new area. Our area is money though. We had like magical stats. We had like 10 investigators attend sacrament meeting and we have like 9 baptismal dates, a few for March 22 and a few for April 5. I still have no idea what's going on but it's alright. 
   All in all everything’s been good.. Zone leader life is busy but..... fun? Na it's not really fun it's alright. Anyways love you all. 

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