Tuesday, March 25, 2014


            So to start off my companions never been to Baguio City. So we are in Baguio today. We literally just got off a 3 hour bus ride and have jet lag so...... bare with me.
             Ya, so this week was good. We had our baptisms: Jhuff, Jericho, and Cathy. It was a cool experience. I got to baptize Brother Jhuff and he was pretty heavy. He’s tall for a Philippino because he's half Chinese or something, but it was cool. He had over- come word of wisdom problems and stuff, which was good to see. Then sister Cathy had overcome Law of Chastity stuff, so they were really happy to finally be baptized.
            Other than that, some sisters in our zone are dead set that they saw like a demon or something in their apartment and according to my companion weird stuff always happens in that apartment and what not. So ya, they claimed they saw a demon and we were like..... okay, than they wanted a blessing so we were like, “ya just ask someone in your ward” haha.
            Then the Gacayan family-- the one we did the 40 day fast for-- is stoked for their baptism. Well, the kids are. Gwenn, she's like 18, and Manuel he's like 14. The parents are weird. They are like active nonmembers. No one gets it. They go to church every week, read the BOM every day and all this and that, they just don't feel ready for baptism which is like... whatever, but they are so receptive and know like everything about the gospel. I guess according to past missionaries they have had the prompting that the church is true and admitted it but won't get baptized and stuff. But we are still working on the parents. We'll see what happens. 
             This investigator named Melvine wants to be baptized.... some less active lady read my palm and told me my future (it doesn't look pretty) but ya that's about it.

love you.

-Elder Jones

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