Tuesday, April 1, 2014


            So this week was good... first Tuesday was a weird one. So, I was on exchanges with Elder Smiler from New Zealand and we were in our area. Our second appointment we went to teach Jhuff our recent convert but he wasn't there, but his family friend was there from Manila named Joe Allitore, so we taught him. But first we just talked to him, got to know him and what not and he just told us about his life. He's had a rough life-- like his mom has died and like 3 of his siblings have also. He can't read and he is an MMA fighter, so ya anyways so we taught him hope and shared Ether 12:7 (I think?? I forgot) Anyways, after the lesson he's like "So you just baptized Jhuff into your church right?" and we were like “ya” than he's like, “well can I be baptized this Sunday?” haha and we were like haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa na...... But ya I didn't know what to say because he's not from San Fernando. But it was cool. He's like the most humble awesome bro man dude dog.
            The next lesson we taught was to this guy named Edgar who we were referred to and he was hammered drunk during the lesson. But anyways, he asked like 8370534 questions and we couldn't even get a lesson in cause it was just him talking and the whole time he was drinking and crying and said he was gonna kill himself because his mom is sick in the hospital and why did God do that to him and why did 'god' make beer and stupid stuff like that. We would answer his questions than he'd just fire another stupid question and stuff. But anyways, so he was crazy but once He finally stopped crying/ talking I said, "okay Edgar what if I told you the gospel of Jesus Christ could tell you where your mom will go when she dies, give you the desire to stop drinking, a desire to live, and bring you happiness" or something gay like that and he's like “ohhh..... ohhh yes... I need that.” Then he started crying again, but it was pretty cool.
              I sweat all day every day aaaaand the mesh garment tops are the best, so if you could send me those (((::: just the tops. we have a baptism this Saturday-- Gwenn Gacayan. But her parents and little bro were supposed to be baptized as well but they bailed like they always do. So last night me and my comp taught them about Lot’s wife and Lehi’s family and pretty much move forward and don't look back because their problem is worldly things. But we said, “Okay, you have these dates for your baptism to choose from. And we gave them some dates in May. Then we were like, "pray about it and let us know.”
            So that's about it... I figured out my comp, Elder Defacto is the same age as Bryson... So that was kinda weird cause I’m like............... wow you could be my brother????

Anyways yup, love you. Bye

-Elder Jones

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