Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hey Family so this week was all good.

            So to start off, no I have not had surgery because I have not had time. We went to the hospital and it's holy week here so like no one works because everyone is catholic (even if you are not catholic you do holy week stuff. Even Mormons here do it) So we went to the hospital and the ladies like, “no there's no doctors or surgeons until next week stupid it's holy week” and I’m like uhhhhhhhh k.
            So my toes still jacked and hurts but I think I will have surgery after I’m done being a zone leader… there's like no time. But I did get a pedicure and they cleaned out the blood and stuff.
            Other than that we have two gay less-actives: one's name is Brother Santos and the other is Julius. They live in different parts of the area but they are way similar. Brother Santos won't come to church because he blames god he's gay, and brother Julius doesn't come to church but he doesn't know we know he's gay.
            We worked with a member, Brother Chan, he's a recent convert and he took us to his friends that want to be baptized but have word of wisdom problems. But they are awesome. We taught Edgar Chu (brother Chans friend) for the first time where he wasn't wasted and he was crying and really wants to change he's just a chain drinker smoker and stuff.
            We found a new investigator sister Mariz and Brother Randy and they are way receptive and stuff. The only problem is every time Randy’s at work, Marize calls like her other boy friends over so she's funny like that. But Randy found out! Anywho-- it's funny because like we saw the whole thing play out.  Every time we went there and there was a different guy we would be like “Oh Mariz where’s randy?” and she's like “uhhhhhh who?????? hahahaha?!?! “So it's like a soap opera or whatever.

That's pretty much it.. work was slow because of holy week, Philippino’s go nuts.

love ya

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