Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello family.

             So this weeks been all right, kinda stressful to be honest because I am now training a new zone leader. His name is Elder Orr from Bicol Philippines. He seems cool. We were district leaders at the same time in Bacnotan zone. 
             But to start off, ya so we had a lot of dinner appointments last week because Elder Defacto knew he was transferring. But, so Thursday was transfer day, met everyone there, met the new zone. And went from there.
             Friday was crazy because we got a call from the AP's and one of the sisters in our zone ran away!! So the AP's picked us up and we went looking for her just running around everywhere. We found her and ya that was a first that someone’s run away haha. 
             Our area kinda blows so we have been finding a lot. After our baptisms we just stopped teaching Investigators and like only taught less actives. So know we are really focusing on Investigators, and trying to find them. 
             Our apartment is cool. Last transfer it was elder Santos and elder Paran with us but we found them a new apartment.  Actually dad, a zone leader is like a real estate agent and we find apartments and make contracts and what not. But ya our new apartment is Elder Dahle from Idaho and Elder Adriano from Manilla (actually he was Bryces trainer). But ya so it's a party.
             Anyways ya that's about it. We taught brother Edgar --a crazy guy-- again and he was... crazy. But all is good. I'm getting surgery this Thursday on my toes.. They are in- grown and like killing me but I refused to go to a doctor.... haha.. but sister Balledos told me too so... cool. Ya love you. Bye

-Elder Jones

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