Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey so I am now officially the oldest missionary now in Baguio mission........ cool story? no? K sick, here's the hip hap for the week.

Mon- The usual, played ball, had an FHE with Balderez family.

Tue- Elder TiaTia got the call that he's transferring so he packed and said some goodbyes, I kinda miss the guy now, we had some good times. Not always the most missionary like times but it was a fun 2 transfers, I saw the guy change a lot.

Wed- Got my new comp Elder Dodd from Idaho, he's like 17 months on the mish and is coming from the office, he was an office elder, he's a cool guy, I was in his apartment back in Tagudin. Really quiet haha which is different from my last comp, but he's starting to talk more which is good. But ya I picked him up and we went out to work. We taught bro Rojelio who is a less active coming back to church which is good. 
   Than we taught our investigator Emmanuel who is kinda ticking me off because he's like "ya your church is true" "okay so will you come to church?" "na I'm Baptist" so ya he's annoying but whatevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvs.
   Than we taught visitation family who is less active, the mom just sells street foods and has to pay for 3 kids high school and college because the dad had a stroke, so she works every Sunday but the son works with us sometimes and is preparing for a mish, they are a cool family.

Thur- Hit up Sta Maria and smashed the place, taught Joanna and she's like "elders i'm offended.." but she had a baptismal date back in the day. Than ya we taught everyone over there and had dinner at our Branch Presidents house.

Fri- We killed it today, Taught Gensis family about Exaltation (it's gettin deep with them) than we contacted a referral who was way golden, after that we hit up Sta Fe and found a family (Abasolo fam) and they are born again but nice people.

Sat- Did some less active finding.... it was not very successful.. but ya.. 

Sun- Usual Sunday, we had all the people preparing for missions work with us so we looked like a dang stampede walking through the streets of Agoo. We went up to Nanay Dluce's house who lives soooooooooooooooooooooo far away on the mountain and she's sooo faithful;, we are like, nay good thing you came to church! and she's like ya on Saturday I realized I didn't have money to get to church so i started selling stuff so I could have money for Sunday! But her house is literally a hike and long walk to the nearest road. 

But ya the week was good, I'm not trunky.... (yet) but it's getting HOT here... wowie. 

love you 

-Elder Jones

Monday, April 20, 2015

So..... Sup, this week was a good one.

Mon- Did the regular P-Day than basketball routine with an FHE with the Balderez family to end things.

Tue- We had District Meeting and that was good, we talked about Christ- like attributes and the district each picked a Christ-like attribute for the other members in the district. Than we went out to work and taught Joanna who is an investigator but used to attend church so we followed up why aren't you going to church and she said these members (she's only 14) spreaded some stuff about her and made fun of her haha so ya.... that kinda sucks. 
   Than we taught my gangsta G bro Dennis who IS the saddest guy on the planet and he said he would FINALLY go to church, did he go???? nope than we taught Noel and Rudy and we pushed there date back for the baptism because Noel still has some WOW problems, they are good though.

Wed- We went to Sta Fe and taught our ca$h money investigator bro Ronald and extended a soft baptismal invitation to him which was all sweet, We taught Brother and sister ordinario, there grandchild is like 24 an got caught in wack drugs and was doing crazy stuff so the kicked him out of the house and what not but ya we were like ya maybe it's cause you guys haven't gone to church in like 9689665 years but ya, we ripped into them a little.

Thur- Regular day, nothin too crazy

Fri- Taught Ruby, she is a pretty solid investigator, went back to brother Ricardo Dalao who we haven't taught in forevs, he was supposed to get baptized this coming week but i guess I offended him when we taught Law of chastity some how so i finally talked to him and was like.
1. my bad
2. calm down about what i said it's not that big of a deal (he was a baby about it)
3. we love you get baptized now.
Ya so his date is in may... 16 now. cool.

Sat- Normal day

Sun- Ate lunch at President Mariano's house like we do every Sunday and went to work.

Ya this week was good, Transfer day is this week, I’m probs not transferring just getting a new comp so we'll see......... ya I’m on my last transfer #6moreweeks so Imma try to work my booty off and not get trunky. 

Love you all

-Elder Jones

Monday, April 13, 2015

So first off... Dad.. how's the hip? Sounds painful, probably rather get my pinky toe yanked off with pliers than have hip surgery... It's a good thing i don't need hip surgery OR my pinky toe removed...

But ya we had a baptism and zone interview... It was a good week, here's what happened. (forgot my planner again so this will be straight memory.)

Mon- Went to San Fernando for p-day and met up with some mission buds I haven't seen in forevs and we balled, almost got a SICK pair of Kobes for 5,000 pesos than I remembered I hate Kobe... darn, than we had an FHE which was good.

Tue- We had a zone training and it was good, then we just went to work and what not. On Tuesdays we always teach way crazy people..... It's like... a story I have to tell you guys after the mish haha... It's crazy.

Wed- Had zone interviews which were WAY SWAGGGY, it's my last zone interviews of my mish so president was like man e jones it's getting close... June is right around the corner and stuff and he told me to keep my pedal on the metal pretty much so I was like, “ya fo sho bro dawg G homie” (na I said "yes President" very respectfully), and Sister Balledos taught us how to cook which was AWESOME!! We cooked our own lunch. 
   After that we hit up Sta Maria and taught Noel and Rudy, they are pretty excited for April 25, their baptism. They are getting prepared so that's cool.

Thur- forgot what happened, oh we taught Jampel, he also got baptized (I’ll get to that)

Fri- Jampel got blacktizzzed which was good, it was on Friday because conference was on Saturday, but the baptism went smooth, I’ll send some pics. His family is becoming active again as well. They are long time inactive members.. 

Sat- Conference the whole day, waaaay good, (got a way solid nap in) but ya I loved conference.

Sun- Conference again than we taught Rudy about word of wisdom and he doesn't have any problems which is......... golden, usually Filipino’s smoke or somm..

But ya that's the week, good week.

Love you all

-Elder Jones 

Monday, April 6, 2015

(note: The last post was from March 29, 2015)
This is my week, pretty good week except for the fact that it was holy week so that's like the 1 time Catholics go to church or even think about Jesus. Holy Week is rough if you're a Mormon missionary but ya here's the hip hap;

Mon- We had a zone activity and had a swell time at the beach, then played ball and then worked and had an FHE.
   I forgot what happened so I’ll just summarize what I remembered: We did pretty well this week. We reached all our goals and on Wednesday we had exchanges with the zone leaders so I went with Elder Musselman in our area and we tore it up. We taught Noel and Roddy, who will hopefully be baptized on the 25th, but they are good, progressing and what not, we have taught really powerful lessons to them which is good.
   For Ricardo Dalao he is kind of digging him self into his own apostasy. He wants to get baptized sooooo bad, he just can't give up some stuff or say no to the invitation to drink, so we had to move his date back. Our branch president will hopefully fellowship with us because he used to have a word of wisdom problem as well so that will be good.
    Jampel will be getting baptized this Friday! Sick! He’s a studdly kid. His parents are both less actives that are returning to the church and Jampel is 10 years old and passed his interview this past Saturday so that'll be sick.
   As for less actives we teach a lot but very few actually care, we taught this guy named Dennis who's been less active for how many years now, but he is so depressed because his wife is working abroad and he has to stay at home all day, so we are trying to cheer the guy up. I hope it's working haha…

But ya sorry I kinda forgot all that's happened…week was good. Holy week killed us-- we invite an investigator to church and they are like, “na.... gotta go to the catholic church”, and on Friday and Saturday no one is home haha... They are all in town getting wasted and stuff...

But ya love you guys!!

-Elder Jones

This week was good. We got a lot of good things done but some investigators kinda buckled. Here it is.

Mon- This rich Indian guy took us to lunch, we played sooooo much ballllll, had an FHE.

Tue- Normal day, had d meeting, went to work taught our IBD's Noel and Roddy, they are set to be baptized on April 25.

Wed- I worked with the zone leaders because my comp had a meeting in San Fernando. Funny thing is I used to be my zone leaders zone leader like more than a year ago so they still respect/ fear me in a good way haha.

Thur- Normal day

Fri- Got work done, taught Ricardo Dalao about baptism and he's stoked to get baptized BUT he still drinks coffee!! so we are finding a game plan for his coffee because he has stopped drinking alcohol and cigarettes. Found a bit, had 5 new investigators (sick) and we found this girl named Joanna who wants to be baptized and she's been taught before but she's a special case, we went finding in a place called Succo and stumbled upon her. We had 8 lessons today which was good, we taught the visitation family a less active fam who has been coming back to church, they are way awesome, their dad’s in a wheelchair and can't work. The mom makes a living selling snacks to people on the street and she's putting three of her kids through college and high school right now (her daughters hot) what? (sorry just had to throw that in there) ya but they're cool. 
   We dropped our inv. Emmanuel who refuses to leave born again so.. cool.

Sat- Found this family (Anchetta fam) and all though they aren't the most golden family like everyone in the neighborhood gathered to listen and lots of people are interested which is cool beans. Taught some Jehovah witnesses.... man those guys are hard headed. 

Sun- we thought we would have 298734 investigators come to church but only 2 came... dang but it's all good, we gotta grit and grind it out now...

Love you all

-Elder Jones