Monday, April 6, 2015

(note: The last post was from March 29, 2015)
This is my week, pretty good week except for the fact that it was holy week so that's like the 1 time Catholics go to church or even think about Jesus. Holy Week is rough if you're a Mormon missionary but ya here's the hip hap;

Mon- We had a zone activity and had a swell time at the beach, then played ball and then worked and had an FHE.
   I forgot what happened so I’ll just summarize what I remembered: We did pretty well this week. We reached all our goals and on Wednesday we had exchanges with the zone leaders so I went with Elder Musselman in our area and we tore it up. We taught Noel and Roddy, who will hopefully be baptized on the 25th, but they are good, progressing and what not, we have taught really powerful lessons to them which is good.
   For Ricardo Dalao he is kind of digging him self into his own apostasy. He wants to get baptized sooooo bad, he just can't give up some stuff or say no to the invitation to drink, so we had to move his date back. Our branch president will hopefully fellowship with us because he used to have a word of wisdom problem as well so that will be good.
    Jampel will be getting baptized this Friday! Sick! He’s a studdly kid. His parents are both less actives that are returning to the church and Jampel is 10 years old and passed his interview this past Saturday so that'll be sick.
   As for less actives we teach a lot but very few actually care, we taught this guy named Dennis who's been less active for how many years now, but he is so depressed because his wife is working abroad and he has to stay at home all day, so we are trying to cheer the guy up. I hope it's working haha…

But ya sorry I kinda forgot all that's happened…week was good. Holy week killed us-- we invite an investigator to church and they are like, “na.... gotta go to the catholic church”, and on Friday and Saturday no one is home haha... They are all in town getting wasted and stuff...

But ya love you guys!!

-Elder Jones

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