Monday, April 6, 2015

This week was good. We got a lot of good things done but some investigators kinda buckled. Here it is.

Mon- This rich Indian guy took us to lunch, we played sooooo much ballllll, had an FHE.

Tue- Normal day, had d meeting, went to work taught our IBD's Noel and Roddy, they are set to be baptized on April 25.

Wed- I worked with the zone leaders because my comp had a meeting in San Fernando. Funny thing is I used to be my zone leaders zone leader like more than a year ago so they still respect/ fear me in a good way haha.

Thur- Normal day

Fri- Got work done, taught Ricardo Dalao about baptism and he's stoked to get baptized BUT he still drinks coffee!! so we are finding a game plan for his coffee because he has stopped drinking alcohol and cigarettes. Found a bit, had 5 new investigators (sick) and we found this girl named Joanna who wants to be baptized and she's been taught before but she's a special case, we went finding in a place called Succo and stumbled upon her. We had 8 lessons today which was good, we taught the visitation family a less active fam who has been coming back to church, they are way awesome, their dad’s in a wheelchair and can't work. The mom makes a living selling snacks to people on the street and she's putting three of her kids through college and high school right now (her daughters hot) what? (sorry just had to throw that in there) ya but they're cool. 
   We dropped our inv. Emmanuel who refuses to leave born again so.. cool.

Sat- Found this family (Anchetta fam) and all though they aren't the most golden family like everyone in the neighborhood gathered to listen and lots of people are interested which is cool beans. Taught some Jehovah witnesses.... man those guys are hard headed. 

Sun- we thought we would have 298734 investigators come to church but only 2 came... dang but it's all good, we gotta grit and grind it out now...

Love you all

-Elder Jones

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