Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hey so this week was pretty good.. We finally CRACKED down and started doing some finding.. It was all good. Here's the hip hap.

Mon- Played ball and had an FHE with the Balderez family.

Tue- We went to a far away place called Sta Fe in our area, and we contacted inactive members... Wow was that rough, they really grinded my gears. People are really inactive for a reason haha they... for lack of better words… hated us without even getting to know us. Talk about doors slammed in your face. "Hey sister _____ my name’s Elder Jo-" door slammed " Freakin lady, see you in he**, hope God shows you a video of this exact moment on judgment day.." (that's usually what I think to my self, just wanted to let you guys know that..  but hey, it happens..) 
  There was some fruits from getting DESTROYED in Sta Fe… this one inactive member (Cecilia) had a touching story; she was married, had a kid and was baptized. Then she had a stroke. Because of the stroke she lost her job then her husband left her for someone else, so she has no income and lives off her sister with her daughter. She’s a really sweet lady, just don't got the dough to come to church. But we are doing our best to get her there. (If I haven't already told you, people don't really have cars here. You have to take a jeepney or tricycle any where you go which is like 10 pesos or more. It's cheap.. but not for people with no money) 

Wed- Normal day, hit up Sta Maria.

Thur- hit 21 months WHAAAAAAT?!?!!?!?!?!?! are you counting Elder Jones??? na but.......... kinda.  This day we buckled down and started finding in a place called San Francisco... no not the San Francisco you know... but it was good, we were able to teach a couple people on the spot and get some new investigators. 

Fri- Normal day, our investigator, Edgar that is supposed to be baptized on April 11, we gave him a drop lesson and well.... dropped him, so we haven't been to see him for about a week, but we always walk past his house so he texts like a bijillion times like "Elders why haven’t you been coming to teach me??"  But we have told him a million times why-- he's not progressing. So he texts us and he's like "okay I won't go to your church anymore unless you come and teach me." So we were like, okay that's fine. We tested him and he failed, so we texted him back saying "We won't come back to you unless you can show the Lord and us that you can act for yourself on your own faith" type deal. Keep that in mind.

Sat- Had a baptism, I got to baptize, I’ll send you some pics. But this day was good. Anna Mea and Bernadette got baptized. (The sister’s investigators.)

Sun- Church was all good, We had 4 investigators come, Edgar came and I taught priesthood and like midway through my lesson (take note he's not a member so.... he doesn't really know like.. church conduct) he raises his hand and starts bawling and I’m like oh man..... I can't deal with emotional stuff... this is weird but he's like "Elders! forgive me! Elder Jones you were right! I’m sorry for this and that yaddy yaddy yadda blah blah blah" but ya he's crying and all the priesthood is like tearing up as well like comforting him.. it was a weird but cool (?) moment. 
   Then we taught a dude named Noel, gave him a baptismal date for April 25, hopefully all will go well. Then taught some less- active families…

But ya this week was good, we got a lot done.. Love you guys

-Elder Jones

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