Monday, March 16, 2015

So this week was good...... i'll just sum it up.

   So we killed it in lessons and did work finding less actives, we went to Sta Maria, a barangay in out area and took the branch list of members (there's like 600 members only 120 active) and we found inactive members that haven't seen missionaries in 20 years and kinda forgot about the church... But it's always fun finding those types of people, lots of potential. 
   We dropped edger last night cause he's ticking me off so even though he could get baptized tomorrow if we wanted him to... He's not ready, he is just annoying, so ya we told him last night we aren't going to come back and see if he progresses without us babying him every step of the way.. 
   Our other investigator Bro Dalao drank again... DARNET but he gave up cigerettes and coffee and what not so he's still slowly but surely giving up the devils draaaank.
   Ya that's pretty much it.

Oh ya, transfer day happened and it's still me and Elder TiaTia here in agoo 3 and 2 sister got pulled out so it's just us two and two other sisters here so we split the sisters who got pulled out area and now we have a bigger/ better area, we are just struggling with investigators... but less actives are everywhere....

Anyways love you fam, miss you guys! 

-Elder Mac (daddy) jones

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