Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So this is the hip hap family.

Mon- Just had p-Day

Tue- So today was all good, BUUUUUUTTT, in d meeting i started feeling sick, than I came home and crashed, ended up sleeping for like five hours, woke up sooo sweaty and cold, with a mean headache and I had EXPLOOOOOSIVE direah (don't know how to spell that) but I was like " I GO HOME SOON! CAN'T BE SICK... AHHHHHHHHHH I HATE IT HERE IN THE APARTMENT!!" So we ended working And i would just knock in random people doors "hey can i use your bathroom???" but It was aight, funny experience.

Wed- Felt real sick today again but we did some work, hit up the less actives and what not, the usual.

Thur- Felt sick 3rd day now so sister Balledos told me to go to the hhospital but i was ;like "NOOOOOO THE HOSPITALS SUCK HERE!!" so i didn't. 
Than we taught Bro RIcardo Dalao our investigator getting baptized on april 11, his daughters the active member, tatay dalao is such a stud..... Every step of the way i've been watching him give up all his vices, drinking and smoking. All of his nieces and nephews are getting ready to get baptised as well... (k, like 2 of them) Sister Gensis's father and cousins. 

Fri- Smashed our area, had a sick FHE, area's still turning around i'm just sick of the less actives man... golley wolley..

Sat- This morning we played ball (we usually play every morning but i was sick so.. ya) And Everyone (tons of people are there) are like "where have you guys been??? the Agoo team is waiting for you... And ya they were, we played with some ballers, two of the guys were like 6'4" and played in the PBA, like NBA of the phila... they were ballers but we turn our swag on, they like to practice against us and they are legit, we lost thought and like everyone watching was sad because no one likes the agoo team hah...
Like everywhere I go and elder Curtis said this too people are like "man you our are hope to beat the agoo team! when are you going to play again?" and stuff haha it's funny. 

But ya week was good, I feel good now! love you fam

-Elder Jones

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