Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So ya, nutzo butzo week this week (no idea what that means..) 

Mon- Went to Baguio which was sick, saw all my mission buddies up there and ya... blew 4,000 pesos BUT! it was on suvinears, we can't always go up to baguio so I had to make my time count, there was a huge festival up there with like 283047689 people so all the lines were way long. But it was sick.

Tue- Normal day of work, we taught the Gensis family and they are like... Golden members just giving us referral after referral.. 

Wed- My comp had to go to San Fernando so I worked with the Elder Larson from Texas and it was all good.

Thur- Again just a normal day, contacted a ni investigator named ruby, she's legit, had 2 kids but her husband is abroad, Taught Edgar, getting ready for April 11.

Fri- This day was sick, GOT MY TRUNKY LETTER!!! which means I have to fill out stuff for travel plans and get a final x-ray, so ya that's like... a good sign. Then we Tore it up in the area than I got a call from the mission Secritary and he's like be in San Fernando by 8, your batch is going to Manilla tonight to get finger prints so i was too stoked!! So my batch in San Fernando, (Me, Fulivai, Alejandro, and Harris) and us four are way close, so we were all excited, we got on the bus at 2 in the morning, and took the 8 hour bus ride to Manilla (we were the farthest mission away) than we got our finger prints taken so that we can leave the country. But the cool thing was we saw all our MTC buddies there it was soo sick to see them.. I saw lots of people from Lone Peak one of them being Elder Armatage. But ya it was so sweet.

Sat- spent the whole day coming back from Manilla.

Sun- Went to Church, than just worked, Taught Ricardo Dalao and he's givin up drinking and is still working on his cigerettes but he's the man and has changed sooo much..

But ya the week was good, transfer week is this next week, so i'll let you know what happens.

love ya

-Elder JOnes

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