Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey so I am now officially the oldest missionary now in Baguio mission........ cool story? no? K sick, here's the hip hap for the week.

Mon- The usual, played ball, had an FHE with Balderez family.

Tue- Elder TiaTia got the call that he's transferring so he packed and said some goodbyes, I kinda miss the guy now, we had some good times. Not always the most missionary like times but it was a fun 2 transfers, I saw the guy change a lot.

Wed- Got my new comp Elder Dodd from Idaho, he's like 17 months on the mish and is coming from the office, he was an office elder, he's a cool guy, I was in his apartment back in Tagudin. Really quiet haha which is different from my last comp, but he's starting to talk more which is good. But ya I picked him up and we went out to work. We taught bro Rojelio who is a less active coming back to church which is good. 
   Than we taught our investigator Emmanuel who is kinda ticking me off because he's like "ya your church is true" "okay so will you come to church?" "na I'm Baptist" so ya he's annoying but whatevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvs.
   Than we taught visitation family who is less active, the mom just sells street foods and has to pay for 3 kids high school and college because the dad had a stroke, so she works every Sunday but the son works with us sometimes and is preparing for a mish, they are a cool family.

Thur- Hit up Sta Maria and smashed the place, taught Joanna and she's like "elders i'm offended.." but she had a baptismal date back in the day. Than ya we taught everyone over there and had dinner at our Branch Presidents house.

Fri- We killed it today, Taught Gensis family about Exaltation (it's gettin deep with them) than we contacted a referral who was way golden, after that we hit up Sta Fe and found a family (Abasolo fam) and they are born again but nice people.

Sat- Did some less active finding.... it was not very successful.. but ya.. 

Sun- Usual Sunday, we had all the people preparing for missions work with us so we looked like a dang stampede walking through the streets of Agoo. We went up to Nanay Dluce's house who lives soooooooooooooooooooooo far away on the mountain and she's sooo faithful;, we are like, nay good thing you came to church! and she's like ya on Saturday I realized I didn't have money to get to church so i started selling stuff so I could have money for Sunday! But her house is literally a hike and long walk to the nearest road. 

But ya the week was good, I'm not trunky.... (yet) but it's getting HOT here... wowie. 

love you 

-Elder Jones

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