Monday, April 13, 2015

So first off... Dad.. how's the hip? Sounds painful, probably rather get my pinky toe yanked off with pliers than have hip surgery... It's a good thing i don't need hip surgery OR my pinky toe removed...

But ya we had a baptism and zone interview... It was a good week, here's what happened. (forgot my planner again so this will be straight memory.)

Mon- Went to San Fernando for p-day and met up with some mission buds I haven't seen in forevs and we balled, almost got a SICK pair of Kobes for 5,000 pesos than I remembered I hate Kobe... darn, than we had an FHE which was good.

Tue- We had a zone training and it was good, then we just went to work and what not. On Tuesdays we always teach way crazy people..... It's like... a story I have to tell you guys after the mish haha... It's crazy.

Wed- Had zone interviews which were WAY SWAGGGY, it's my last zone interviews of my mish so president was like man e jones it's getting close... June is right around the corner and stuff and he told me to keep my pedal on the metal pretty much so I was like, “ya fo sho bro dawg G homie” (na I said "yes President" very respectfully), and Sister Balledos taught us how to cook which was AWESOME!! We cooked our own lunch. 
   After that we hit up Sta Maria and taught Noel and Rudy, they are pretty excited for April 25, their baptism. They are getting prepared so that's cool.

Thur- forgot what happened, oh we taught Jampel, he also got baptized (I’ll get to that)

Fri- Jampel got blacktizzzed which was good, it was on Friday because conference was on Saturday, but the baptism went smooth, I’ll send some pics. His family is becoming active again as well. They are long time inactive members.. 

Sat- Conference the whole day, waaaay good, (got a way solid nap in) but ya I loved conference.

Sun- Conference again than we taught Rudy about word of wisdom and he doesn't have any problems which is......... golden, usually Filipino’s smoke or somm..

But ya that's the week, good week.

Love you all

-Elder Jones 

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