Monday, April 20, 2015

So..... Sup, this week was a good one.

Mon- Did the regular P-Day than basketball routine with an FHE with the Balderez family to end things.

Tue- We had District Meeting and that was good, we talked about Christ- like attributes and the district each picked a Christ-like attribute for the other members in the district. Than we went out to work and taught Joanna who is an investigator but used to attend church so we followed up why aren't you going to church and she said these members (she's only 14) spreaded some stuff about her and made fun of her haha so ya.... that kinda sucks. 
   Than we taught my gangsta G bro Dennis who IS the saddest guy on the planet and he said he would FINALLY go to church, did he go???? nope than we taught Noel and Rudy and we pushed there date back for the baptism because Noel still has some WOW problems, they are good though.

Wed- We went to Sta Fe and taught our ca$h money investigator bro Ronald and extended a soft baptismal invitation to him which was all sweet, We taught Brother and sister ordinario, there grandchild is like 24 an got caught in wack drugs and was doing crazy stuff so the kicked him out of the house and what not but ya we were like ya maybe it's cause you guys haven't gone to church in like 9689665 years but ya, we ripped into them a little.

Thur- Regular day, nothin too crazy

Fri- Taught Ruby, she is a pretty solid investigator, went back to brother Ricardo Dalao who we haven't taught in forevs, he was supposed to get baptized this coming week but i guess I offended him when we taught Law of chastity some how so i finally talked to him and was like.
1. my bad
2. calm down about what i said it's not that big of a deal (he was a baby about it)
3. we love you get baptized now.
Ya so his date is in may... 16 now. cool.

Sat- Normal day

Sun- Ate lunch at President Mariano's house like we do every Sunday and went to work.

Ya this week was good, Transfer day is this week, I’m probs not transferring just getting a new comp so we'll see......... ya I’m on my last transfer #6moreweeks so Imma try to work my booty off and not get trunky. 

Love you all

-Elder Jones

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