Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dear Fammmm

            Ya so this week was good, but first things first… it is sooo hot... And it just hit like one day, but everyone said it would soo… Ya. I guess like March to July is real hot so ya this past week I got kinda sick. I might have been dehydrated but I don't know. But ya it's real hot.
             Anyways beside it being hot, It was a good week, Elder Ardern from the seventy came and we had a MLC again with all the zone leaders around the mission and he kinda chastised us and President Balledos and said we need do better, than we had a 5 zone conference with San Fernando, Candon, Narvacan, Bangued, and Bacnotan zones. He again chastised us but in a loving way. But ya it was good, he's way powerful and funny when we speaks.
   Other than that our IBD's (baptismal dates) passed their interviews. And I will give you a little profile:
1. Brother Jhuff uy
- Half Chinese
- Wife is a less active
- Way cool guy
- 30 ish
- Has been taught for a long time but never wanted to get baptized until now.
2. JL
- Jhuffs son
- 13
- likes basketball
3. Cathy
- 30 years old

Ya so that's it but these are the three that will get baptized next Saturday so we are stoked about that. That's about it. Ya. it's hot. I lost like 2 kilo's in the past 4 days which is like 4 pounds..... Oh ya we had our zone activity today, that was fun. We went to the beach had lunch and games, our zone is huge..... Anyways.

-Elder Jones

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