Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hey Family. 

            So this week has been good, and transfer day is this Friday meaning that last week was the last full week. This transfer flew by holy grannnnnnnnooooliyiyiyiyiyyieee. 
            But to start off, we had district meeting on Tuesday which was good. But I was kind of having fun and doing some stupid stuff with the district then next thing you know President Balledos walks in and I’m like (just picture what the kid does off the Christmas story) "OOOHHHHHHH FUUUUUDGE" No I didn't do that, But it would've been funny if I did. Ya so he was in on my District meeting and it was like way intense and like the pressure was on. Anyways my workshop was good and then he left. But it was just strange because President doesn't really just go to District meetings... But ya it was good. 
            Then the next day I went on exchanges in San Gabriel with Elder Pettingil who is in my district, He's new but pretty much the reason I went is because they have bikes haha. The only area in the mission that has bikes. So for a day on bikes we got like 50 times more than what we get done walking haha.
            Then the next day I went on exchanges with my zone leader Elder Germaine who's from Woods Cross actually, so we talked a little about Bountiful and stuff, He's close to going home but he's way sick. We taught this guy named Bob Myrena who's wife is a member and she referred him too us, so we finally find him after like a millenium of searching. Then we start just talking and getting to know him, then he just starts bawling and talking about his wife and his son died a year ago and the anniversary I guess of his death-- like the year mark-- was the day before we taught him. So he said he hadn't seen his wife for a very long time, But they saw each other at the son’s grave, which was crazy, and he said they just talked. But he said he misses her and knows they still love each other and stuff so it was cool. We ended up teaching him the Atonement.
            Than we went to Mario Malilum who I have mentioned a lot, so long story short, Mario is a long time investigator. Bacnotan was Elder Germaine’s first area, so when we were on exchanges I told him about Mario and he's like oh ya I know Mario haha.. Anyways ya his problem is he is scared of his boss. So Elder Germaine was straight up like okay we will chastise him.
            So we go into the lesson and we ended up giving him two options, get a new job, or we are going to drop him, so we will see what happens. Because he really wants to get baptized.
             Then I got a call from President last night asking me if I would be willing to be a Zone leader. So I will be a zone leader next transfer-- not sure where or anything-- I will let you know. 

That’s it. Hope all is well.
Love you.

-Elder Jones

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