Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey so not too much happened this week but I’ll try to break it down,

            Last Monday we went over to brother Steve’s house (the Philadelphia guy) and ate. He is currently sending me play by play of the super bowl since the super bowl is happening right now here. Then Tuesday we talked to all of these less-actives who are part member families. Than Wednesday we had Zone interviews with President Balledos-- which was good. After the zone interview, the Assistants choose one companionship to work with as does president Balledos… so of course there's like 14 or so companionships in the zone but we were the chosen companionship to work with president. It was way awesome though I learned a lot. But it was so stressful trying to teach with President right there haha.. But ya so we worked with him. While we were with him we taught Naty Esperone (who is an old lady) and we gave her a Book of Mormon because she really wants to learn more. She said she can't read because her eyes are bad, than presidents like, “oh I know a guy who makes eye glasses. I will have him make you one, just send me the grade of your eyes.” So that was cool. Then he wanted to see how we worked with members, so we walked into this member’s house (sister Elizabeth) and were just talking than I’m just like.... “So hey you want to work with us next week?” and she's like “yup sure.” So it's as easy as that. 
            Then Thursday we went to the Nicdao family and taught them. This is the 36 year old grandma who's a less-active and sooooo nice and wants her son baptized... And she has an 18 year old daughter that may or may not be pregnant we are too scared to ask haha... 
            We went back to Jessica’s mom--the one who said no to her being baptized-- and we took a bolder approach with the 2nd councilor in the Bishopric....... But ya she still hates our guts and doesn't want her daughter to be baptized... Jessica’s grandmother (the member) bore a powerful testimony (it was in Ilocano so i didn't really catch it) on how she wants Jessica to get baptized but the mom is........ ya.
            And that's about it.... love ya all... been missing the fam lately

Elder Jones

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