Wednesday, February 19, 2014


             Ya so this week has been good. We had a lot of lessons and found like 6 new investigators. I got the package and I loved it! Thanks fam. And I got like 1 billion letters-- thanks for that. I loved the laser pointer and the sports illustrated calendar.... I can't believe you sent me the swimsuit edition! (naaaa joke)
            But ya this week I went on exchanges with elder Estocado and we worked in my area, we taught Malilum, they have a baptismal date we still need permission from there boss though to get work off for Sundays. 
            One of our best areas is this Barangay called Cabarsican right on the ocean (remember Barangays are like big neighborhoods in a city or town) and literally everyone there is less active. But we've been teaching this lady named Ellen and she's 20 and has a kid, she read all of 1st Nephi as well which is great so she is progressing fo shooooow. Than we got a referral from some members. This girls name is Gena Rose and she's 14, she is funny, she like only knows Ilocano though so the lessons are interesting haha. Than the Nicdao family, they are less active sooo nice and their 9 year old son wants to get baptized so we gave him a Date, we will see how that turns out. 
             We taught a lady named Annalisa she's like 35 and has 3 kids, she's always busy with laundry (cause you have to hand wash here iiiiif you didn't already know that) and stuff so we taught her she was way receptive and I always offer to help her with anything but she like refuses.
            We have been finding these "15" names, it's less actives in our ward that would be potential leaders and stuff, so each area (Bacnotan A,B,and C) have 5 each, we have found like 3, and one of our LA's we have re activated (Elmer Buccago) he does nothing but computer allll day, than he goes to church on Sundays but ya.... that's about it.
             We have been playing basketball every morning at 6 and my skillzzzz are coming back. This area is crazyyyy, there are 6 elders in a small town, and we are 4 Americans 2 New Zealanders, that's un heard of haha, we are nuts..... 
             Oh wait this story is 2 good not to tell-- I almost forgot. We talked to this girl on the beach (I promise we teach guys it's just the only people I tell you about are girls) and we gave her a pamphlet, this was like around Christmas time, than long story short, her cousin is the lady who does our laundry (of course we are too lazy to hand wash) so ya they are cousins, and our laundry lady is like "hey why don't you ever go to Krystal’s, she's been waiting for you guys to go teach her" and I was like "hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa really? OK" and then we taught her and our laundry lady, but the funniest part is, I guess Krystal’s father (this is a true story) only lets her leave the house like.... 1 time a day... Because she is apparently too beautiful and all the Filipino guys would like go crazy haha.... Ya that's a true story, so turns out she thinks I’m Guwapo (handsome) and stuff so her dad I think like hates our guts.... but she is really receptive... anyways that’s that. Funniest story ever. But ya that's that...

Love you all

-Elder Jones

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