Monday, February 10, 2014

 So this week has been all good. I went on exchanges Wednesday with Elder Davies from New Zealand that was pretty fun I was in an apartment with 2 New Zealanders and a Tongan haha so things got pretty crazy.
             We found a ton of New Less actives this week which was good, all of them with the same excuse on why they don't attend church all of them are like RM's and stuff and I get so sick of hearing like "oh my job" and "i got offended" and stuff like that so it gets kind of annoying but it's alright. Turns out a few of them went gay as well, that's why they are less active so ya... Haha
            This week was just normal though.... We had stake conference for San Fernando stake, we visited a lot of members and committed them to work with us and stuff... We taught this like 20 year old named Irene, she has a kid and she is a part member, she's way receptive so it was cool, She is progressing and hopefully this next week we will extend an IBD.. That's about it... All's good.

-Elder Jones

I haven't gotten anything haha.... Ya Eric emailed, glad he's good, I heard Aaron felli (Felsted) got his call to Canada, and I read Jenna’s thing that was cool. Hey next package but like legit church socks in, like 5-ish pair, a thin light material, because all the socks I have are way heavy and my feet like burn..... It's so hot

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