Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello. So thanks for the B-day wishes. We have dinner appointments lined up here trust me haha… 

             So we are 0-2 with our baptisms. Yesterday we had the BCR (baptismal confirmation record) all filled out and we had the interview set up with Jessica and the Zone leaders. Then, I get a text from Jessica’s grandma who usually brings her to church and she said something like “Jessica’s mom and I got in a fight this morning and she won't let Jessica go to church" and when the grandma got to church it was all her Apos (grandchildren) but no Jessica.... she just kept saying like “sorry so sorry her mother hates me” and stuff! So we were real bummed but we are still working on her so just hope things go well.
            In other news we have been finding less-actives a lot this week and we have found a lot (there are 600 members in our ward and about 100 active) This one in particular (her name is giena Nicdao), she was baptized in the 90's and is a 36 year old grandmother so.... she had kids in her teens. But, we taught her and said like ‘ya know we want you back at church’ and she's like “I know I want to go I just can't with work” cause she works everyday 5am-5pm so we said, “okay talk to your boss and have him switch” and what not, so we will see. Then I was like “Do you want your kids to get baptized?” And she's like, of course! (she has like 4 kids and a couple grandchildren) So we will try to re-activate her, in turn get her kids baptized. 
            The Philadelphia guy—Steve-- is having us over for dinner again for my B-Day. He's so funny and he keeps saying like "Oh I’m fed up with the Catholics, I want to be a Mormon" and stuff but he hasn't come to church. He’s way funny man.
             One of our Less-Actives, brother Elmer, has gone to church 3 times now and he is re-gaining his testimony because he is going through a rough time right now. The dude's like 60 and he just sits in his computer shop and plays like World of Warcraft or something. He’s awesome though. 
            So that's pretty much it. There are 6 elders in Bacnotan area and they are all from America or New Zealand and out of all 6 I’m the oldest mission wise! So I have to help them out with Tagalog because they are so young! But it's real fun here in Bacnotan. 

Love you, haven't gotten any packages/letters yet... 

-Elder Jones

(We asked Mac if he was still on-line) Still here, I bet it's (my package) is just in the mission office. It’s starting to get REALLY hot here...

Also, Russ asked him if he saw the Zone Leaders often, he responded, “yes, a few time a week. One of them is from Woods Cross, Elder Germaine.”

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