Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey.... So... I would like to start off with the funniest story in the history of mankind.

            So it's a Saturday and we go to Guinabang (a barangay way in the middle of no where) to teach Divina Flora, the one whose baptismal date is Jan 25. So… we get there and after teaching the lessons we are like “So you excited?” and stuff then we start setting up the interview with her and the Zone leaders. Then her grandma is there and is like "....... wait she's already been baptized!!" haha! So, the grandparents referred her to us, said she has never been baptized; I gave her an IBD… she said yes… then a week before they remember that she's already been baptized!! I was dying ... Wowzers....

            But on the flip side we went to Jessica’s house (our other IBD) at 6 this morning because that's the only time her mom is available, her dad is in LA and her mom is Catholic so we needed their approval. After me and the grandma (g ma is a member) were bartering with the mom forever, she finally said yes and signed the papers. So she should be baptized Feb. 1 or it could get pushed back. We will see. 

   That's about it..... Transfer day came…me and Alonzo stayed comps to finish up his training, I’m officially district leader again which is cool. And our area officially sucks haha.... But it's all right… for every like 50 times we get rejected there's like 1 sweet soul hah...

Anyways ya… that's that.
Love ya.

-Elder Jones

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