Monday, January 13, 2014

Yo... Whatsup.

            So this week was good... It was pretty crazy actually. First off, we got rejected soooo much this week it's not even funny... But ya all is good. The first half of the week was way crazy though because ya know how last week I talked about all of the stuff happening here in Bacnotan…well, 3 Elders have gone home already. And for some other missionaries Russell M Nelson (of the 12) had to get involved and it's been nuts. One of my best friends here in the mission decided to go home as well. I had the chance to meet with him right before he left and I tried to talk him out of it but he went home. He was involved in the whole thing-- so it's way crazy haha... 
            We worked with Elder Done and Elder Newman who are like 5 weeks in on the mission and don't know anything and I’m the District leader for them and both their comps went home so I was like I gotta help these guys out. So we worked with them and like the first guy we taught in there area was begging to be baptized... Not really but I gave him an IBD and he hopefully will be baptized. 
            Our investigator, Divina Flora, came to church for the 3rd time in a row and her baptismal date is January 25-- so hopefully that works out. None of our other investigators came to church though but it's alright. Our less active –Elmer-- came though in jeans and a Nike shirt. It was sick.
             I had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting on overcoming addiction in Tagalog and it was pretty rough... Oh another cool story, like this prehistoric member in our ward (he's literally 100) told us why he can't speak or understand Tagalog (he only speaks Ilocano so our bishop translated haha) and he said in like 2nd grade the Japanese attacked and in the middle of school killed his teacher so that's why he only knows Ilocano, because he never had schooling after 2nd grade... Crazy stuff. 
            That's about it though... This week is transfer week so it will be a crazy one.

-Elder Jones 

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