Monday, December 1, 2014

Hey so this is the hip hap.

Monday- Went to an FHE....

Tue- Found a lot and taught a lot of new investigators.

Wed- Had Exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I worked with Elder Lutz from Canada, he's a hoot. We had a great time. He's like 6' 7" so everyone like freaks cause Penos are small. But ya we got a lot of quality lessons. Taught Manuel ‘Word of Wisdom’ and turns out he's got some problems there with cigarettes and booze (like every middle aged filippino male) but he wants to change. So we are gonna push his date back for baptism.

Thu- Ya went to Pudoc West and taught everyone less active over there, It paid off cause we were stunned at the amount of Less actives that came to church that haven't been in foreeevs. (brother Macanas, brother Napoleon)

Fri- Went finding and as we find we just stop people or tract at the houses and ask "hey do you know any Mormons from this area?" And we obviously know, we are just playing stupid (it's more of a conversation starter) And if they say yes we just play stupid like "oh really?? well before we skeet can we share/ leave a pamplet with you??" but if they say no we are just like "rats, because we are new here and we don't know too many people...." and so forth, ya that's how I’ve found my whole mission! Haha! Just thought I would let you know the technique that somehow works? 
   So we go up to this guy and we are like "Yo, you know any Mormons from around here?" he's like "naaaa scram kids" but we talk to him for a bit than end up getting invited in his house (by house I mean a wood roof above four wooden beams) then as time went by he finally was like "ya soooooo I remember being taught by elders like you before and I got baptized into your church, but once I moved here to Tagudin I stopped going (sidenote: he moved because he got shot and people were trying to kill him... sick) to church.
   But ya his name isTony. Still doesn't drink or smoke because he's trying to follow the word of wisdom. It's been like 20 or 30 years now and he's got a family and what not.

Sat- Taught Leony (our golden investigator) and we taught Plan of Salvation and she's just like "Where do we go after we die? Why are we here? I’ve always wondered why Adam and Eve ate that fruit" and just golden questions. So she is sick. 

Sun- so we were expecting a lot of investigators to come to church... only 1 came, and we didn't even expect it. All of our investigators get sick and are like in the hospital, so frustrating but it's alight. 

Ya but this week was all good we had 26 lessons which is like a Tagudin record, just gotta get the investigators healed. 

love ya'll

-Elder Jones

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