Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So.... Today I hit 19 months (cool)

But ya this week was sick. Manuel and Nay Carmen Lazo got baptized. It was like..... One of the best moments of my mission haha but here's what went down:

Mon- Had P-Day then went and taught Brother Alan and Missy (by the way their son’s name is Bryson and he's a stud. Oh and by the way again I showed this guy our family picture and he's like “Your brother is way more gwapo than you”.. And I was like thanks????? Love you too??)
   Then we played B ball with some members and investigators.

Tue- ....... ya just a normal day, wait we had exchanges. I went with our Zone Leader Elder Lamoglia and at the same time he interviewed our investigators for baptism.

Wed- Went to Pudoc West and it's way progressing there… 2 of our investigators came to church from Pudoc. Bro Nestor the drunk who will do anything to change. And sister Leyte. It's good cause Pudoc's like a 796786 miles away from the church.

Thur- Finalized things up with Sister Lazo and Manuel and taught a lot of other people.

Fri- Ya just normal day.

Sat- The baptism. It was in the river which was tooooo sick. I baptized Manuel and Elder De Guzman baptized Sister Lazo. As well as the other Elders had a baptism.
I have had a fair amount of baptisms but these ones were by far the best cause I was there from day one and saw every step of their conversion... It was way good. Manuel said like he was such a bad person before and had done everything in the books but because of the gospel he's changed a ton and stuff.
Sister Lazo is the bomb as well-- some old lady that has already such a strong testimony and thanks us every time we see here because we got her to quit smoking.

Sun- Church. They got confirmed and we just taught some less actives who missed church.

Ya the week was good... I'm probably getting transferred Jan 18 cause I’ve been here forevs,… but we'll see.

Love you

-Elder Jones

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