Monday, February 9, 2015

This week was alright, we are DESTROYING the area and had like 9 and 8 lessons everyday with a kazillion new investigators cause we are #finding.

Mon- We just buckled down and finally cleaned the apartment haha and we played ball. There’s a college right by our apartment so we played with some ballers it was sick. 

Tue- forgot

Wed- We taught everyone and their dog

Thu- Repeat Wed

Fri- Gave this Romeo an IBD for April 11, he's one of them bible bashers but he said he got an answer that the "Mormons" is for him so he wants to get baptized. The only problem is his cousin Edgar is our investigator BUT crazy story; Edgar has a crush on us according to Romeo and is a homo legit, so we are like yaaaa edgar nope, you're a fag... sorry, but they both go to church every Sunday and want to get baptized more than anything. They are.. Like legit gay, but they are golden... GOLDEN I TELL YA... But ya I would drop them. We'll see what happens. 
   Taught Eatay Gensis. Such a sick guy. He came to church.

Sat- Went to the mountains and found some legit Filipinos...... like make their own houses and build up their own communities and stuff, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO receptive just don't have the CHA CHING (money) to get to church.
Then we had an FHE at Gensis house and they are recent converts and they are golden and want everyone they know to be baptized so they invited like.. everyone and their dog to be taught by us.. so that was good. Elder Fulivai baptized them. 
Sun- Church was good, Work was good, some recent convert bro dog worked with us, we got a lot of new investigators.

So I Love the members and the branch, sooo sick area's all good.. 

love ya

-Elder Jones

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