Monday, September 16, 2013

         So this weeks gone good, transfer day happened so I'm still with Elder Tabucol which is good cause we are literally tearing up the streets of Baguio like it's nothing, We are sharing time in lessons now which is good and way more effective for me and our investigators.
         OK, so I'll start with transfer day. Elder Horsebruagh (the Aussy) got transfered to Agoo and he is now companions with elder Fulivai (my buddy from MTC),  so it's still me, Elder Tabucol and Elder Lagasca in our apartment. Elder Lagasca got called as a trainer so I was way excited to see who he would be training, and his name is Elder Manning from Weber, Utah..... so you know the missionary on the best two years? The Greenie? Elder Manning is a repleca of him!! He's so ready to serve and stuff and he's so excited but he's so nerdy haha. You gotta love him though. Nice kid. 
         I figured out I'm the youngest missionary ever in the history of the Philippines Baguio Mission... that's kinda cool. And our zone is way new; all these Americans from Bountiful and another from Provo. I tried to help them a lot cause I remember when I first got here I couldn't have been more confused and no one told me how to do anything so I just figured it out myself. Lucky for them I told them what to to and not to do  because I learned the hard way. 
         So there is a very strong possibility I could be a trainer in 5 weeks... so this coming transfer... and it's funny cause I'm still confused where I am and how I got here. So hopefully I'm not a trainer yet! Haha that'd be wild. 
         We found a ton of new investigators this past week and our investigators are good. The Mentano family, (our "golden" if you will)  didn't come to church and when we walked past their plave going to another appointment, they were talking to an Iglecia ne Cristo preist. So our next lesson to them, we straight up asked if they believed us and they said, "yes, they believe us." They said they have other religious priests and what not at their house everyday offering to pay for this or by that for them if they get converted, but the tatay (father) said he doesn't accept and he believes us. They will get baptized. Maybe not in my time here but I know they will. It's crazy though people believing in 18-20  year old boys!  I was walking down the street and literally past 10 churches with random names like "Baguio Save by Grace Church" or "Jesus the One and Only" and just weird stuff like that. The Philippines is a mess religious wise... Anyways that's about it....... My language is good. I can carry conversations with people... kinda. I'm just lacking the vocabulary now. But ya, it's good. Hope all's well whichu guys. Got your package, thanks a bundle. Love you

-elder Jones

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