Sunday, September 22, 2013

So this week has been good. That’s (too bad) about BYU though. That's awesome about Brooklyn and Nate Henley! And it's been raining a lot here... pretty much always.
   So I figured out I'm most likely going to be a trainer this coming transfer. We went on splits with the Zone leaders elder Tanner and Elder Kemmy, Elder Tanner is from Logan and Kemmy is from Tennessee. So I stayed in our area with Elder Tanner and Elder Tabucol went with Elder Kemmy. It was good. I had to lead the area and stuff, which was fine, and I had to lead the lessons. But after that, Elder Tanner said I am most likely going to be a trainer and stay in this area for another 18 weeks.
 And I really would rather cut my foot off then stay in this area. I just figured out there has only been two people baptized in the past two years or so... So ya I really don't want to stay here. I can't even teach a full lesson on my own, or hold a conversation with someone.
There are so many new people coming in that they need everyone to step up. According to the Zone leaders our mission is really lacking leadership.  When our mission split lots of the good missionaries ended up in the Urdaneta Mission and we got lots of missionaries from Loag mission.. The thing is, Loag missionaries are lazy. I've only met a few and I really don't like them, I almost beat the crap out of an elder who is from Utah who is from Loag mission, (also my District leader). They had to stay with us for a week because their apartment was changing... but he's gone now so yay!
   But President Balledos has already sent home so many missionaries for various reasons so it's pretty much if you aren't a Zone leader you're training. There is such a lack of experienced missionaries that no one knows who the next AP's will be, cause there is really no stand out Elder in our mission... It's crazy.
   In other news, this Elder from New York who’s been here about a year (Elder Delos Reyes) is staying with Elder Tabucol and me for the next few days because his companion is getting sent home. He's super cool though. He's got a sick York accent and we are pretty good buddy’s.
   We gave the Montano family another IBD, so we will see how that goes. They said yes again. We taught them baptism and they just need to come to church now.  Their dad loves us and they are reading the book of Mormon a lot, but really they are the only beacons of light/ hope in our area. We get rejected hard core, but also we have probably reactivated like 6 members-- which is way awesome. People that haven't been to church in years are now coming every week because of me and elder Tabucol. So  I'll keep you updated. Our mission is not looking so hot because of the 70+ new missionaries coming in this month and the next two months and all the old experienced missionaries getting sent home. But once my batch grows up we will tear the Baguio mission up mark my words. Anyways-- love you guys. Hope all is well.
 Just realized this is a very dark email but I'm doing fine. I just hate Loag missionaries and to be honest I'm not sure if the age change was too effective. I know it was revelation, but quantity doesn't mean quality. But it's from God so I'm sure it's important.
 Anyways loveeees. I'm fine. Just angry cause of all the slacking missionaries getting sent home and forcing me to train when I'm not even sure what country I’m in..

love you!
 Keep it real. Keep me updated.

-Elder Jones

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