Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week Four

This weeks been good, still not sure where I am or what's going on but it's fine. I can probably understand about 50-60% of Tagolog now and it's starting to make sense. Wait, no it's not. buttttt I taught some lessons this past week and let me tell ya I butchered them with a butter knife man... it was awful.  But each lesson I got better and better which is good. 
   So we are actually reactivating a lot of less-actives, like 5 or so showed up to church yesterday for the first time in like a year or something and we had some ward party thing Saturday. It was fun. We had a skit as the missionaries because the theme was missionary work. We performed a skit. It was way funny.  Anywhoo, ya... so we had some investigators show up to that and they have baptizmal dates-- the Delesantos family. They're cool, but he makes fun of me and I know it but he doesn't know I know it so it makes things nakakailan (awkward). He's (for lack of better words) a tool. But he wants to be an American like everyone else here in the Philippines. Literally everyone wants to be american. The girls we see always ask me how old I am and if we can get married so I can take them to the States. All  the teenage punks (sigas, philippeno gangsta) rock like Kobe jerseys and like American stuff, and every taxi or Jeepney I've been in is either American rap playing (too be honest I'm okay with that..... jk that's bad mom) or Taylor Swift.. 
   Anyways on a more spiritual mission related note, yesterday our golden family that we found (the Mentanos), we gave 4 of them IBD's or baptizmal dates and they said yes, so right now we have 6 IBD's! But people refuse to come to church so it makes things difficult. But  they really want to be baptized and you can tell they know it's true (they're iglecya ni Cristo) (it's like a knock off of catholic) but it's just hard to get them to do anything cause they have a hunge family and are way poor. 
   They have like 7 kids, but we've only invited four of them cause that's all we tought yesterday. This is the family that I said if we teach the dad we are in. So last Monday he finally came around, so we tought the dad and the rest of the family (sorry I'm backtracking here) and we asked him to give the closing prayer and to ask if what we were teaching is true. So he did and he started bawling, than the whole family started bawling. You could taste the spirit it was so thick. It was way cool. So every time we teach them they are all way receptive and want to learn more. so hopefully we can baptize them..
   So this guy Brother lito (he's brother Mentano's brother) we were teaching him, and he's the gay that can't walk cause he has diabetes. He always asks my companion if we can give him money. Then the other day, the scariest thing happened; I think he was drunk. But my companion was talking to someone else then brother Lito is like "Hey, come here," so I crawled ovcer to him (you can't stand up in their house-- it's like 8ft by 10ft and it's like 5 ft high) then he grabs me way tight and whispers  in slaughtered English "Do you have 8 npesos so I can buy some coffeee?" and I shoved him off and said "wala" (none) and it was way wierd.......... ya. He's weird cause he reads the BOM and prayers like everynight and says he knbows what we teach is true but he can't really go to church and he drinks and smokes so............. it's a weird situation.

Sooo thats all I got for this week.... ya, oh and we were out of money the whole week somehow so all we ate was oatmeal and dinner appointments... haha ya... anyways. Keep me updated on all the good stuff, sports, family, sports, news, sports. ya kkkkkkk luuuvessssss 

/Elder Jones

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