Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This is Elder Jones coming at you from p-land.
So all is well. I have a bit of a cold but I'll man it up. Literally nothing happened this week.... We just worked and stuff-- did missionary stuff, taught missionary lessons, walked a lot, just a usual week. Elder Delos Reyes is still with us and he will be with us for the rest of the transfer so as for right now I have two trainers and it kind of sucks because the teaching time we have is limited, but it's no big.
So we have literally re-activated the whole city of Baguio. Almost all of our less actives are coming to church. But sad news now… all of our investigators with Baptismal dates want to suddenly attend church and get baptized now??? Which is great but you have to attend church 4 times and me and Elder Tabucol figured out transfer day is the day before the baptismal date, so the missionaries coming into our area would get like 500398540 baptisms. But there is a time for harvesting, and a time for planting seeds, so right now me and Tabucol are planting seeds.
            So there is literally nothing else that happened so I will tell you a funny story, this family that Elder Lagasca just baptized is huge with like a million kids and we always go there for family night which is fun. And then the other day the little sisters of that family who are like 14-23 are like, "So what do you like in a girl?" I’m like uhhhh I don't know.” "Sooooo, do you have a girlfriend???" “Uhhhh no”...... They kept asking me stuff like that then they are like, “well do you like Filipino girls?” and I'm like, “Not really.” Then they are like, “Oh that's too bad because she likes you” (I forgot her name) and I turn to this girl and she turns bright red and it was way funny, and they keep saying, “So you should return to the Philippines after your mission” and stuff like that and it was funny. But turns out this girl who "likes" me or whatever is 23!!!...... So that makes things even funnier cause they always joke with me about her and I’m like... “I'll just stick with white girls thanks.”
And that's about it. The father of Montano asked us when he could be baptized which is like sweet music to your soul when you’re on a mission.
Soooo the foods good........ Bananas are great, let me know how you
guys are. I sent a letter today.

Love you, got your letters. Sports. Keep me updated!

-Elder Jones

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