Monday, October 7, 2013

 So hello.

            All’s well. That's crazy about everything sports wise! Basketball is crazy here and all the Philippenos are just waiting for the NBA to start. This week was a bit crazy.
            So we had to look for apartments around our area earlier this week with the Zone Leaders cause ours is crappy and they want to get us a new one. Turns out they were lying. They are white washing us and putting sisters in our ward! So they need to find a new apartment for sisters... But shhhh no one knows that. The zone leader for some reason told me.
            I was talking to our zone leader, Elder Kemmy, who is going home this transfer. He’s awesome. Anyways he said there are so many missionaries coming in that by December we will literally have no where to put missionaries! He said the only option is to open up Banguet which is like....... never seen white people. Like what you picture the Philippines at first thought type of place. It's 5 hours away from the nearest anything and I guess it's just like crazy there. Like crazy as in you have to use machetes to get to peoples houses.  So I actually want to go there.
            But ya there is a very high chance I will get transferred to the low lands, which I'm stoked about. That's where you really learn Tagalog. We only had 8 lessons this week, which is awful, but it's only because we were with the zone leaders a lot. We worked in Tuding, Elder Delos Reyes area, and since it's an open area we just tracted… that's it... just tracted.
            More less-actives came to church like Brother Ricck Aguinaldo, Sister Jennifer Gorinto, which is awesome. All of our golden investigators are out of town, which is rough because we haven't been able to teach them... But it's okay. I'm still pretty sick, I didn't get a lot of sleep this past week but I'm getting better... I think.
            Our ward missionary, Litots, just left for his mission yesterday to San Diego. He was a cool cat. So we had a farewell party for him and it was the first farewell party in our ward since like 2008 so everyone went way crazy and it was at the church with tons of food and stuff.
            That's about it. We are with Elder Delos Reyes still, which is okay... He's just lazy because he's from Loag. But he's okay....

Love you; keep me updated with more pics! Hope all is well.
-Elder Jones

Oh and apparently China is close to opening up... so according to Elder Kemmy, when it does every single Filipino will be sent there and than Philippines will just have Americans which would be great.

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