Monday, October 14, 2013

So this week has been a tiny bit Carahazay!!!

So it started off just all normal and whatnot. I was with Elder Delos Reyes and Elder Tabucol in our trio. Things were good just chilling. Than I figured out Elder Delos Reyes was kind of a disobedient missionary, so as you all know how I am, I let him know and what I thought of him. And so we are arguing most the week because he wanted to do things that I didn't agree with and that the mission didn't agree with. So that was that.
Then we had Zone interviews with President Balledos on Thursday, which is where we have lunch and the President interviews each of us and the APs do a workshop. That was fun. But I had an interesting interview with the President. He asked if I had any problems but I said, “No, all is good.” Then I told him I wasn't a big fan of Elder Delos Reyes and he said, “Ya, he kind of has a past. Just be patient.” I said okay. Then President Belledos said, “So you ready to train?” I said, “Not really President, but if you need me to I can.” Then he said, “Okay. So do you want to train a Filippeno or an American?”  So that was funny... So… I guess I'm going to train.
There are 34 missionaries coming in October 25. 22 are Elders. But people here that are a lot older than me aren't even training which is interesting because trainers have usually been out a while, like a year... But I'm down to get down.
            Than we watched conference Saturday and Sunday which was great,. I loved it. And after conference our Zone Leaders invited us to lunch at a hotel. We ate there and while we were eating Elder Kemmy got a call from President that said, “Hey this Elder is struggling and I want to put him with Elder Jones.” So for the rest of the transfer I'm with Elder Swenson (my batch mate who I went to the MTC with). It's cool. He just needed some help, with some stuff, so President just told me to make him feel comfortable. So I'm just kind of helping him. Elder Tabucol and elder DelosReyes went to Tuding area, where Elder DelosReyes was originally.
   Then on the spiritual side of thing, a few of our less-actives came to conference, which was great. And we were tracting in our area and we decided to go down a street we have never been down. Then we saw this random huge house and decided to knock, so we did, and this like 24-year old lady in the nicest house I have ever seen let us in and we taught her. She loved us. She was some other religion, but she told us to go to her friends as well, which was awesome. So ya that's that. So we found a new investigator who will hasten the Lord’s work with her wealth WHEN she gets baptized. Montano family is good. Just sad we can't baptize them. Everything’s good-- just getting ready to train. Hope all is well.

Elder Jones

(Russ asked Mac if he was going to play basketball on his p-day and he replied…)
Hindi ako Sigrado (not sure) It might rain.

(He also added),

Thanks mom. And ya the Pacers and Rockets played in Manila. Everyone in the Philippines was freaking out.. you have no idea how crazy they are about basketball ... I'll try to take more pics!!! I always forget!

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  1. Hello missionary mom! Just does my heart good to read all about Elder Jones missionary adventures. What an amazing missionary - and a great example :)