Monday, November 18, 2013

Heeeello. So where to begin....

To start: President Balledos loves to mess with me…So just as things were going good we got a call last Wednesday that said Elder Sison (our Zone leader) is going to work with the AP's this transfer, so Elder Hernandez will fill in for him as a zone leader for the rest of the transfer. Then, since Elder Christiansen was left without a companion because his comp was E Hernandez, we are now in another threesome (which I really hate).... threesomes are awful!  My job is to train E Christiansen to become a District Leader. But, I am not fond of him. Which creates many problems. He's very very.... cocky-- I mean confident. But, we'll see how it goes... So for now I'm in a threesome again!
We have two areas also which sucks... But besides that some cool stuff has happened this week. First off, last Monday night me and Dela Cruz started walking home at about 8:20 then we said, “Magandang Gabi” (beautiful evening) to these lady’s and just kept walking. Then one of the most amazing experiences on my mission (yet) happened. I stopped and just sat there really debating on why I stopped. Elder Dela Cruz kept walking and I said, "hey... lets go back." I obviously didn't know why but the spirit hit me way strong. Then we went back to the ladies and introduced ourselves ya know... Then after a while of just talking we asked if we could share, and the main girl (Jailley, 19 yrs old) said yes, of course. She always sees us walk by and wants to come to our church... So we were like oh... Cool... So we shared an awesome message and stuff and left... so that's that story, It was a kind of a you had to be there type deal haha..
Then we taught this lady with huge potential named Christine. (It was her) second lesson. We are like, “so ya know.... Did you read the BOM?” and she's all “ya.... I know it's true!” So that was awesome. The biggest problem again is just somehow getting our peeps to church. And we have two areas, which cut our work in half. But, whatever. That's about all that's gone down.
 I hate threesomes. Everything was going smooth now there's a little obstacle... But all will be okay.
Me and my Tatay (father aka trainer aka elder Tabucol) are still best of friends. We are both in the same ward (10 missionaries in our ward-- it's nutso) and he's training again an Elder from Saudi Arabia. He says he misses me as his Anak (kid). Touching really, I know. 
But..... ya how's all with the fam??

(Mac and Russ emailed back and forth…this is some more funny stuff from him…)
Ya all is good... Gee willikerzz crazy week for you haha... and who was the kid at Betos??

Zone studies every Monday with our whole zone and the zone leaders give a workshop... Normal is every other day

(Russ asked, “What are you doing the rest of the day?” Mac replied, “shop…clean…eat…”

Russ asked him if he was doing good on gospel study. His reply:

“too be honest pops… I usually sleep accidentally during personal study haha... But I got this deep BOM study guide online and it's awesome... it takes the BOM way into detail and it's so super deep.... but ya... lesson wise I know all the lessons pretty well now... Better in Tagalog actually than in English haha... I probably couldn't teach in English haha”

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